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Meet the 2013 Rakow Commission Artist: Andrew Erdos

November 14, 2013 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Andrew Erdos

Hear a lecture by the 2013 Rakow Commission artist Andrew Erdos. The lecture will be followed by coffee and cookies beginning at 7:45pm. Both are free and open to the public.

The artwork of Andrew Erdos is pop, sarcastic, and humorous, with a hint of social commentary. His over-the-top installations create a situation of sensory overload, which he sees as a reflection of everyday life in urban culture, especially the culture of New York City. Through the use of futuristic-looking mirrored animal sculptures, vehicles used by the artist to navigate identity and environment, Erdos explores the relationships between nature, technology, and people.

The title of the 2013 Rakow Commission is Ghost Walk Under Infinite Darkness.  Erdos’ titles often reference ghosts and time, which he considers to be core fascinations of humans as physically intangible but always present entities and emanations.  For the Rakow Commission, Erdos pushed the scale of his one-way mirrored boxes with mirrored, dichroic glass sculptures and colored murrine to create an overwhelming sensory experience. “When all your senses are activated is oftentimes when there is a moment of clarity,” says Erdos.

The Rakow Commission is awarded annually to up-and-coming and established artists whose work is not yet represented in the Museum’s collection.

Museum Members at the Donor level and above ($125+) are invited to come early for a private reception at 6:15pm. Please RSVP to +1 (607) 438-5600 or [email protected] by November 11.