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Meet the Artist: Thérèse Lahaie

November 6, 2008
Thérèse Lahaie - Silver Gray Nocturne Triptych

Thérèse Lahaie creates kinetic sculptures using glass. By giving her pieces movement, Lahaie aims to animate the glass and to call attention to the unique ability of the material to capture light. Her pieces, which are colorless and assume the hues of water, are meant to be meditative and contemplative. They are works that, Lahaie says, “invite the viewer to focus on the fundamental rhythms of heartbeat and breath, expansion and contraction, which shape and sustain our lives.”

In Silver Gray Nocturne Triptych , a three-part wall piece on display in the Museum’s Contemporary Glass Gallery, light is projected through nearly monochromatic, grayish glass panels, which are backed by a piece of high-tech fabric. A brush and plastic knobs attached to a low-r.p.m. motor push the pieces of fabric against the glass and then release them, creating shifting patterns of shadow and reflection in the same way that light plays on the surface of water. The shadows expand and contract rhythmically, drifting in and out of focus.

Members-only Reception
5:15 p.m.
Museum Members are invited to come before the lecture for a private reception with the artist and members of the Museum’s curatorial staff.

Reservations are required for the Members-only reception and lecture. R.S.V.P. to rsvp@cmog.org by March 2.