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Meet the Artist: Tom Patti

June 12, 2008
Tom Patti - Red Lumina Spectral Starphire with Green

Enjoy a lecture by Thomas Patti, a widely respected artist and studio glass pioneer who has devoted much of his career to researching different formulations of glasses and hot-forming techniques. He pioneered the exploration of industrial and architectural glass as a sculptural medium. Over the last 35 years, he has used glass to build and define spaces that transform surface, light and color, fusing layers of glass with bubbles and other spatial elements into unique works.

In recent years, Patti has dramatically shifted the scale of his work from complex, small-scale objects, meant to be contemplated at close proximity, to illusionistic environments made of large, architecturally scaled glass. As in his sculptures, Patti combines fused layers of glass, spatial elements, and gradations of color and reflection to manipulate and stimulate new modes of perception.

An early vessel and sculpture by Patti are currently on view in the Museum’s Modern Gallery, while a more recent sculpture may be seen in the Contemporary Glass Gallery.