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Studio Faculty Presentation: Márta Edöcs, Kristina Logan, Jeff Mack, and Eric Meek

The Studio
February 5, 2019 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Attend free, informal lectures by Studio faculty, some of the best-known glassmakers in the world. Hear instructors speak about their work in unstructured and highly-informative sessions in The Studio Lecture Room on Tuesday nights throughout the class sessions.

This week features Márta Edöcs, Kristina Logan, Jeff Mack, and Eric Meek in the Studio Faculty Presentations series.


Márta Edöcs
As a child growing up in Hungary, Márta Edöcs collected glass beads and used them to make her own jewelry. As an adult making her own glass beads, as well as plates and other objects, Edöcs finds joy and playfulness in shapes, surfaces, colors, and...
Kristina Logan
Kristina Logan is recognized internationally for her precisely patterned and delicate glass beads. She travels throughout the world teaching workshops and lecturing on contemporary glass beads and jewelry. Her work is in the collections of The...
Jeff Mack
Hot Glass Programs Supervisor
Jeff Mack's career as a glassmaker has offered him a variety of opportunities, from factory production to working and studying with world-renowned glass artists. He joined the Hot Glass Team in December 2015 as the new hot glass programs supervisor...
Eric Meek
Senior Manager, Hot Glass Programs
Eric Meek has worked to become a versatile glass artist, able to execute ideas in glass with fluency in the material. When working, Meek likes to draw upon tradition and fine craftsmanship to realize modern, elegant forms. As a process-oriented...