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Studio Faculty Presentation: Roy Gruver, William Gudenrath, Sidney Hutter, Joy Munshower, Boyd Sugiki, and Lisa Zerkowitz

The Studio
January 15, 2019 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Attend free, informal lectures by Studio faculty, some of the best-known glassmakers in the world. Hear instructors speak about their work in unstructured and highly-informative sessions in The Studio Lecture Room on Tuesday nights throughout the class sessions.

This week features Roy Gruver, William Gudenrath, Sidney Hutter, Joy Munshower, Boyd Sugiki, and Lisa Zerkowitz in the Studio Faculty Presentations series.


Roy Gruver
Artist Roy Gruver from Bethlehem, Pa., specializes in kiln-formed glass and is one of the founders and a resident artist at the newly formed R&R Glass Studio in Bethlehem. Gruver is the principal instructor in the kiln-formed glass program at...
William Gudenrath
Resident Advisor
William Gudenrath is a glassblower, scholar, author, lecturer, and teacher. He is recognized internationally as one of the foremost authorities on glassmaking techniques of the ancient world through the 18th century. He has spent many decades...
Sidney Hutter (Photo by Robert Peaden)
Using commercial plate glass, adhesives that react to ultraviolet light, and vibrant pigments, artist Sidney Hutter creates mesmerizing sculptures that respond to light and movement. His vase-like sculptures are coldworked to create textures and...
Joy Munshower
Artist Joy Munshower spent most of her early career as a professional sculptor making and selling her bronze wildlife sculptures. Then, after 20 years in the construction and interior design industry, Munshower rediscovered her passion for wildlife...
Boyd Sugiki
Boyd Sugiki has presented solo shows at Traver Gallery in Seattle, The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, and in the Museum of Northwest Arts Benaroya Glass Gallery. His work is included in many collections, including the Honolulu Academy of Art; the...
Lisa Zerkowitz (Photo by Russell Johnson)
Seattle-based artist Lisa Zerkowitz’s early works were based on childhood memories, creating what she describes as “landscapes through the eyes of a child.” Later series have been inspired by nature and combine her background in printmaking with her...