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Studio Faculty Presentation: Joe Peters and Masahiro Sasaki

The Studio
August 13, 2019 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Attend free, informal lectures by Studio faculty, some of the best-known glassmakers in the world. Hear instructors speak about their work in unstructured and highly-informative sessions in The Studio Lecture Room on Tuesday nights throughout the summer class sessions.

This week features Joe Peters and Masahiro Sasaki in the Studio Faculty Presentations series.


Joe Peters
An avid SCUBA diver, Joe Peters has been heavily influenced by marine life and the natural world. He specializes in sculptures that are colorful and playful, exploring life from bees to aliens. On his own and through collaborative engagements, he...
Tensei, a Japanese concept similar to metamorphosis or reincarnation, is at the center of Masahiro Sasaki’s work. He is fascinated by the collaboration of artist and glass properties to create organic shapes out of an inorganic material. “...