Earth Tears

Place Made
Germany, Weil am Rhein, United States, NY, Corning
designed and partially made in 2010, completed in 2012
(a) H: 61.2 cm, Diam: 19.5 cm; (b) H: 33.5 cm, Diam: 15 cm; (c) H: 23.1 cm, Diam: 15 cm; (d) H: 26.7 cm, Diam: 27.8 cm; (e) H: 33.9 cm, Diam: 16.6 cm; (f) H: 29.9 cm, Diam: 22.1 cm; (g) H: 46 cm, Diam: 20 cm; (h) H: 5.9 cm, Diam: 15.9 cm; (i) H: 10.6 cm, Diam: 17.7 cm
Accession Number
The designer wanted to use gravity to make his forms, and he first thought that he would make pieces hanging in the air. But he decided to do the opposite. Rather than making forms descending from the sky, he designed shapes to look as if they were emerging from the ground. The designer envisioned these forms, made of a transparent blue glass, as "tears" coming out of the earth and floating into the sky.