GlassLab Product


Using the body as a source of inspiration, Sigga Heimis uses glass metaphorically as something simultaneously strong and fragile. Objects – glass organs of the human body including the eye – function as sculpture. Giant Eye – Limited Edition of 2.

Limited edition designs prototyped by designers at GlassLab sessions around the world are now available through the Museum Shops.

For purchasing information, contact the Museum Shops at +1 (800) 723-9156.

Bug BombBrooklyn-based artists and brothers, Steven and William Ladd prototyped the Bug Bomb at GlassLab at Design Miami/Art Basel Miami. The multimedia sculptures, including rolls of fabric, handmade glass ants and a black glass bomb, formed at the furnace by master glassblowers in Corning, NY, rest inside a custom fabric box. Limited edition of 17.

anatomical glass heartSigga Heimis prototyped the anatomical glass Heart at GlassLab at Design Miami/Art Basel Miami. This limited edition product is handmade by master gaffers using glassblowing techniques in Corning, NY.