Using the body as a source of inspiration.

    New ideas for drinking glasses range from differently-sized glasses fused together (for those who want to sample several liquids at a time) to glasses with permanent icelike cubes.

    What happens when you trap hot glass, or wrap it?

    Glass is beautiful and dangerous.

    Considerations of form and function, process and decoration.

    Hot glass sticks to itself: breaking glass, heating it, and putting it back together.

    Play leads to exploration and discovery.  Why not have fun?

    Making two-dimensional graphic imagery in three-dimensional form.

    Using nature as a source of inspiration.

    Glassblowing is performance as well as process.

    Design goes beyond the functional into sculpture and installation.

    Some examples of “finished” glass design from the Museum’s collection, produced by designers who have worked at GlassLab.

    Exploring inside, outside, squeezing and echoing.