Flameworking Demo

Flameworking Demo

See live, narrated presentations of glassworking using a 4,000°F torch. Work sessions occur throughout the day on a walk-through basis in the Glass Innovation Center. Stop by and observe the fascinating process of flameworking as you tour the Museum.

During each presentation, you’ll see the flameworker melt rods and tubes in a flame and then shape the softened glass into any variety of objects, from glass animals and beads to ornaments and sculptures. As they work, the artist will explain what they are doing and offer interesting facts about the art and science of glass.

The flameworking technique probably dates back to ancient times. It was certainly known in France and Venice in the 15th century, and has been practiced ever since. Historically, the source of the flame was an oil or paraffin lamp. Today, flameworkers use torches fueled by various gases and oxygen. Flameworking was the first glassworking technique demonstrated at the Museum, and continues to be demonstrated here every day.

Learn about the Master Flameworkers

Eric Goldschmidt, photo by Julie Delaney
Properties of Glass Programs Supervisor
Since 1996, Eric Goldschmidt has devoted himself to practicing and developing the techniques of hot glass manipulation with a focus on flameworking, while studying and assisting with many of the world’s most talented glass artists. Although he has...
Caitlin Hyde
Properties of Glass Programs Team Leader
Caitlin Hyde has been working with glass and other materials for more than 20 years, exploring a lifelong curiosity about our relationship with nature, social history, human creativity, and meaningful communication. “The desire to create and tell...