Hot Glass Demos on the Road

On the Road

The Mobile Hot Shop takes the live glassmaking experience on the road, bringing the artistry and education of glassmaking beyond the walls of The Corning Museum of Glass – to the public, the design community, and museums worldwide.

The Corning Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop uses unique glassmaking equipment to recreate a state-of-the-art studio environment. At venues around the world, in conjunction with exhibitions, events and art and design initiatives, Museum’s gaffers demonstrate complex hot glassmaking techniques.

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Here at The Corning Museum of Glass, our mission is to tell the world about an incredible material that captivates and excites us all—namely, glass! In order to fulfill that mission, we don’t wait for the world to come to us—although 460,000 visitors made their way to Corning last year—we take our... more
Chris Rochelle’s path as a glass artist traces back to Hartwick College, where he studied sculpture and painting. The school’s small glass program gave him his first taste of working with this unique medium. Upon graduation, he apprenticed in a studio in Western Massachusetts. For a decade he did... more
Since 2005, we’ve taken our Hot Glass Roadshow mobile unit to SOFA Chicago, the world’s foremost fair devoted to Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design. We love the breadth of work that is displayed here, and the crossover of art and design. We also love that we get to work with some... more