Specialty Glass Residency

Specialty Glass Residency

The Specialty Glass Residency is an artist residency program jointly run by the Corning Museum of Glass and Corning Incorporated. Since 2014, the Residency has enabled artists to explore the adaptation of specialty glass materials for the creation of new work. Corning, which has developed and patented more than 150 specialty glass formulations, provides the resident artist with access to specialty glass, as well as access to staff with technical expertise in glass formulation, melting, and forming. The Corning Museum of Glass provides access to its extensive resources, including its glassmaking facilities and collection. The resident artist works closely with the Museum’s glassmakers, research scientist, curators, and other staff to better understand glass and its historical and artistic contexts.

How to apply

Currently, this residency is by invitation only. Please contact director@cmog.org with any questions.

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