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The Gather, (Autumn 2015/Winter 2016), pp. 15-16, ill.
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PER NK5102.C8 .G26
Corning Museum of Glass
Includes Soma 2015 by Ayala Serfaty; Urn with Cassical Scene of a Youth and Two Horses by Giorgio de Chirico, Steuben 1940; Adam and Eve by Arthur Eric Rowton Gill, Steuben 1938; Design Drawing for the Beatitudes Rose Window by Dieterich Spahn, 1980; Design Drawing for St. Ambrose Catholic Church by Peter Dohmen, 1959; Design Drawing for Trinity Lutheran Church by Peter Dohmen 1964; and Sugar Bowl, probably New England Glass, about 1837-1842.
Object/Material Note: 
Includes CMoG objects: 2015.3.12, p 15 (top) -- 2015.4.4, p 15 (middle) -- 2015.4.7, p 15 (bottom) -- 2015.4.5, p 16 (bottom).
Includes CMGL materials: 143545, p 16 (bottom left) -- 143543, p 16 (top left) -- 143544, p 16 (right).