Ann Gilbert McDonald archive : research on fairy lamps.

Ann Gilbert McDonald archive : research on fairy lamps.
McDonald, Ann Gilbert.
4 boxes.
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One folder that includes six black and white photographs of fairy lamps, articles and photocopies of catalog pages.
Collection includes archival material (including lighting research, photos, files, etc.) in addition to some magazines and an auction catalog (bib 113032).
Correspondence between Ann Gilbert McDonald and the following: Westmoreland Glass Company, Corning Museum of Glass, Everett R. Miller, J. Roads (US Glass, Rabbit Lamp), Jean Fugina. All correspondence pertaining to lamps and the research of lamps. (bib 104338).
Notable Acquisition 2005.
Notable Acquisition 2007.
Notable Acquisition 2012.
Catherine Thuro to Ann McDonald correspondence "This correspondence file, letters from Catherine M. V. Thuro to Ann Gilbert McDonald. Release to the public after the death of Catherine Thuro." [signed] Ann McDonald, Oct. 8, 2006 --
Correspondence Ruth Smith to Ann G. McDonald --
T. Robert Anthony to AGM (Robert Tobias to Ann McDonald) (bib 96188).
2012 addition of her grandmother Hester W. Gilbert's documents: Lecture on Galle glass by William Hewitt, November 12, 1941 at a meeting of the National Early American Glass Club --
Hester's Visit to the Corning Glass Center, February 29, 1952, her description in pencil --
Postcards, pictures, maps & brochures of the Corning Glass Center, 1952 --
The Ravenscroft goblet brochure --
Hitchcock chairs, 1933 pamphlet published by Yale University Press --
Enos manual of old pattern glass pamphlet --
Article “Glass Revival, Venice Regains By Gone Glory” --
Article on baby buggies, “Giving the Heir the Air--