[Aquatic plants nightlight, Papyrus box, and Papyrus perfume-burning nightlight] [picture].

[Aquatic plants nightlight, Papyrus box, and Papyrus perfume-burning nightlight] [picture].
ca. 1927.
1 photograph : watercolor, ink, and pencil on paper ; 17 x 23 cm.
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Argy-Rousseau, Gabriel, 1885-1953.
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Formerly F-8138T.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging April 2013.
Photograph is mounted on light tan board; dimensions including board are 21 x 27 cm.
Photograph, originally black and white, is of two nightlights and one box colored over with purple, yellow, and green watercolors. Object on left, labeled "102", is nightlight titled Aquatic plants; nightlight is on plinth. Object in center, labeled "237", is box titled Papyrus; both lid and box are decorated with floral motif. Object on right, labeled "103", is perfume-burning nighlight titled Papyrus and has identical floral motif as Papyrus box. All three objects were made in 1924.
[Plate] "52" -- penciled in on upper right corner of photograph.
Measurements are penciled in to left of each object.
"Les Pates de Verre d'Argy-Rousseau, 9, Rue du Simplon, Paris" -- stamped in red ink on upper right corner of board verso.
Gabriel Argy-Rousseau founded the Société Anonyme des Pâtes de Verre d'Argy-Rousseau in 1921 with Gustave Moser-Millet; in 1931, due to financial reasons, Moser-Millet dissolved the firm.
Previously this photograph, and eleven others, was considered part of a trade catalog, BIB 55037.
Object/Material Note: 
Photograph of each object has been published separately in G. Argy-Rousseau: glassware as art, Janine Bloch-Dermant: 34435, 199 and 200 NK5198.A69.B64e.