[Archives formerly in the collection of the New Bedford Glass Museum, now in the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA] [microform].

[Archives formerly in the collection of the New Bedford Glass Museum, now in the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA] [microform].
New Bedford Glass Museum.
2 microfilm reels : ill. ; 35 mm.
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Old Dartmouth Historical Society (New Bedford, Mass.)
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Cannot reproduce. Filmed by Micrographics System of Connecticut in 1993 for Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA.
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Archives include trade catalogs, photographs, drawings, ephemera, etc.
CMGL has a printout of the tables of contents (TP853.M4 N53)
Reel 829, catalogs, brochures and ephemera: Smith Brothers: 1 catalogue (Fine decorated ware); Henry Bedigie oval watercolor; 2 diamond-shaped Smith Bros. labels; 3 receipt sheets, engraved by J.H. Warner --
Samuel R. Bowie & Co.: lamp shade sample cards --
Blackmer Cut Glass Co. & A.L. Blackmer Co.: 2 catalogues (ca. 1895 and later); receipts on engraved letterhead --
Pairpoint Manufacturing Co.: 7 catalogues (ca. 1885, 1886, 1893, silver plated wares, 1894, ca. 1895); 5 brochures (prize trophies, brass plated candle sticks, silver plate ca. 1899, etched pickle caster ca. 1899, color trade card 1886) --
Pairpoint Corporation: 1 catalogue; 10 brochures featuring carafes, bowls, etc.; Mt. Washington rich cut glass brochure; 9 brochures featuring veranda sets, etc.; 1 newspaper ad; Student glass: the Pairpoint School of Glassmaking; Floyd Francis Cary portfolio of 23 drawings; Thomas Dowdeswell's 2 writing tablets of drawings and pieces; 2 drawings of flowers and a parrot (Bernice Russell Packard); building plan of Pairpoint Corp. surveyed Dec. 4, 1919; architectural rendering surveyed Dec. 4, 1919; 2 return envelopes to/from Pairpoint Corp.; 1 sheet of letterhead of Floyd Francis Cary; 8 Christmas cards by Floyd Francis Cary; 10 woodcuts & 1 etching by Floyd Francis Cary --
Gundersen Glass Works: Gundersen Guild membership plan and booklet; Gundersen masterpieces (21 drawings); Gundersen Glass Works blueprint ca. 1940; Traditions of Glass article from Standard Times 4/16/50 --
Gundersen-Pairpoint Glass Works: 22 advertising sheets; 5 pencil sketches; 6 copies of letters concerning tariff reduction on US glass trade 1954; 2 ALS to Union Glass Co. (Jan. 11, 1955 and Sept. 18, 1961) --
National Pairpoint Co.: 1 blank check --
Pairpoint Glass Co.: magazine advertisement ca. 1960 --
Reel 830, Photographs: Mount Washington Glass Co.: "[Mount] Washington Glass Works, New Bedford, Mass.", steregraph view, 1876; "Burmese ware. Mt. Washington Glass Co.", c1957; "Mt. Washington Glass Co. Burmese pat. applied for"; Mount Washington Glass Co. exhibit, 1887?; Henry William Coffeshall and Emma Coggeshall; Decorating shop owned by Herman Knechtel, Stainschanau, Austria; Family of Frank A. Guba, ca. 1916-1920 --
Pairpoint Manufacturing Company: "The engravers of the Pairpoint Mfg. Co., taken July 25, 1887 in the engraving room"; [Cutting Department] "Pairpoint x Mr. Jongleux from Mrs. A. Heap"; Pairpoint Mfg. Co.'s whaleboat crew, 1887; Joseph Adshead (solderer in the silver division, 1890-1935); Ambrose F. Merchant, age 23, April 1899 --
Pairpoint Corporation: Decorating Department; Pairpoint Corp, 1910 (group photo outside factory); "Decorating shop, Pairpoint"; "Beer party, Pairpoint Group, in the 1900s, glassblowers & others"; Cutting Department, 1904 (group photo); "Fritsjalf [i.e. Frithjof] Gundersen family about 1906. Glassblower for Pairpoint"; "Ruth S. Worsley, 20 years, Pairpoint office, translated foreign orders"; Group of men; "Emery P. Harvey, Silver Dept., Pairpoint"; "Aunt May Harvey"; "1918-1920, Pairpoint glass workers"; Postcard "June 1922, Mrs. Nichols, Evelyn Kennedy, Bertha Green, Dorothy Weaver, on outing in South Dartmouth"; "Pairpoint glass workers of 1938-39"; Joseph F. Winsper (supervisor and glass cutter); "Fred Alton Chadwick, died 48 years of age" (decorator); "Georgia (Hinckley) Nichols"; Pairpoint glass bowl, hand-cut faun design; "A flaring vase with Diana of the Chase design"; George E. Turner, Superintendent of the Silver Department at Pairpoint; "Colonel Green's race trophy" --
Gundersen Glass Works: Jackie Jenkins Duval, secretary to the office manager at Gundersen Glass Works, photo taken in 1945; Gaffer Hjalmar "Gilly" Gulbranson and Patrick Stanton; Gaffer Hjalmar "Gilly" Gulbranson and bit gatherer Pat Stanton, ca. 1950; Gaffer Hjalmar "Gilly" Gulbranson putting handle on vase, assisted by helper Edward Medeiros; Gaffer Anders Thoen beginning to make a goblet; Frederick Gundersen working on a goblet he has just partially blown, while Gustav Blomen presents a piece of glass for making the base; Victor Harris gathering glass on the end of a blowpipe; Workman loading furnace with raw materials for glass; Workman turning partially formed glass on rod in furnace; The Koussevitzky vase, engraved by Robert M. Gundersen in 1941; View of two firing bays, showing Bryant Flomixer arrangement; View of kiln converted to gas firing at Gundersen Glass Works --
Gundersen-Pairpoint Glass Works: Gundersen-Pairpoint Glass Works employees at annual Christmas party in 1955.