[Billheads, letters, and receipts addressed to John Sise].

[Billheads, letters, and receipts addressed to John Sise].

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Sise, John
288 items : ink on paper ; 11 x 17 - 33 x 18 cm
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Document 14:2.
In digitization queue as of September 30, 2015.
All items have staining.
11 billheads from French, Wells & Co. and successors, dated September 18, 1851 - Ocotber 6, 1863. Billheads feature importers of china, glass and crockery ware, paper hangings, Bohemian and French flower vases, colognes, rich porcelain.
32 items from Briggs, Robert, and successors including billheads and related correspondence, dated July 30, 1851 - August 11, 1863.
5 billheads from Collamore, John, Jr. & Co., dated April 21, 1859 - June 26, 1967. Billheads feature importers and dealers in china, glass and earthenware.
Billheads and realated correspondence from Jareves, G. D. & Cormerais, dated August 2, 1851 - November 11, 1861. Featuring importers and dealers in cutlery, tea trays, table mats, looking glasses, German vases, Wedgewood ware, and fancy goods generally. Manufactures of factory lamps, chandeliers, solar lamps, plate ware, wicks, lanterns, girandoles, glass and Britannia ware, ect.
Billhead from Bawo & Dotter, dated August 19, 1862 featuring importers and dealers in Belgian, Bohemian, & American glassware; French and German porcelain, china toys, ect.
Letter from J. N. Chapman dated June 23, 1863 concerning cut glass. Letter from Bay State Glass Co., dated September 26, 1862, concerning lamp chimneys. Letter from George W. Bassett, dated September 24, 1863, concerning empty crates. Letter from C. E. Griswold dated November 15, 1860, concerning sample of burning oil made by New York Paraffin Oil Co. Letter from Boston & Sandwich Glass Co., dated June 2, 1868, concerning shipment of glassware.
Letters from J. Edward Knowlton dated September 22, 1866 - February 20, 1874, concerning orders of glass and china. Letters from Jarves, J. W. & Co., dated February 12, 1862 - November 24, 1863, concerning chimneys and lanterns.
Billheads from John A. Hughes dated November 7, 1851; March 30, 1854; and May 23, 1856. Billheads feature dealer and manufacturer of show cases.
Receipt from Haughwout & Dailey dated November 5, 1852, for pitchers.
14 billheads and related correspondence from Henry C. Lauterbach dated Aeptember 6, 1859 - July 21, 2863.
Billhead from Wm. L. Libbey dated March 20, 1863.
Billheads from N. F. Mathes dates January 15, 1863 and October 9, 1863 for dishes, oyster forks and twine. Billhead from Samuel B. Pierce Sons & Co., dated October 26, 1863. Billheads from V. Quarré dated October 3, 1863 and October 20, 1863 featuring manufacturer of gas lamps and shades.
Letters from P. F. Slane dated February 20, 1854 - August 19, 1857, mentions lamps.
Receipt from Sise, E. F. & Co., dated January 8, 1856.
Billheads from Sumner & Co. and successors, dated October 23, 1857 - October 11, 1867. Letter from Western Glass Agency dated November 3, 1874, concerning fire insurance.
Billhead from Storrs & Jones dated October 11, 1870 featuring wholesale and retail grocer; crockery, glass and stone ware. Billheads from Sowle & Jenks dated January 8, 1862 and March 18, 1862.
Billheads from Wyman, Procter & Co., dated February 15, 1854 - July 28, 1855. Billheads feature importers and wholesale dealers in crockery, glass, china, Britannia ware, ect. Billhead from Waldron, S. W. & Son, dated November 25, 2856, featuring importers of crockery, china and glassware; dealers in paper hangins, looking glasses, solar lamps, and Britannia ware.
11 billheads from Williams, Wm. B. dated April 4, 1862 - July 11, 1867.
Billhead and accompanying commercial draft from Herman Trost, & Co., dated February 18, 1867.