The book of the cosmos : imagining the universe from Heraclitus to Hawking / edited by Dennis Richard Danielson.

The book of the cosmos : imagining the universe from Heraclitus to Hawking / edited by Dennis Richard Danielson.
Cambridge, MA : Perseus Pub., c2000.
xxxiii, 556 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Danielson, Dennis Richard, 1949-
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QB981.B7233 2001z
"A Helix anthology."
This item was received with the Mark Pendergrast research collection.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Texts and essays from scientists, writers, theologians, and philosophers reflect the evolution of ideas on the creation of the cosmos and the human's place in the universe.
Harvard Observatory (p. 380, 382, 386). Lowell Observatory (p. 336). Mt. Wilson Observatory (p. 395). Smithsonian Observatory (p. 522). Telescopes (p. 146-154, 158, 238, 277, 304, 306, 312, 426-427, 441, 522).
We have seen but few of his works / Torah, sacred poetry, Apocrypha, New Testament --
Twice into the same river / Heraclitus and Parmenides --
The things of the Universe are not sliced off with a hatchet / Empedocles and Anaxagoras --
Atoms and empty space / Leucippus, Democritus, Epicurus, Lucretius --
The moving image of eternity / Plato --
The potency of place / Artistotle --
He supposes the earth to revolve / Aristarchus and Archimedes --
A geometrical argument / Cicero --
Turning the Universe upside down / Plutarch --
The peculiar nature of the Universe / Claudius Ptolemy --
The weakness of the hypotheses / Proclus --
Their peculiar behavior confounds mortal's minds / Martianus Capella and Boethius --
We consider time a thing created / Moses Maimonides --
From this point hang the heavens / Dante Alighieri --
If a man were in the sky and could see the earth clearly / Nicole Oresme --
A single universe in which each star influences every other / Nicholas Cusanus --
Almost contrary to common sense / Nicholas Copernicus --
The poetic structure of the world / Fernand Hallyn and Thomas Kuhn --
This art unfolds the wisdom of God / John Calvin and Johannes Kepler --
A star never seen before our time / Tycho Brache --
This little dark star wherein we live / Thomas Digges --
Innumerable suns and an infinite number of earths / Girodano Bruno --
Neither known nor observed by anyone before / Galileo Galilei --
Galileo and the geometrization of astronomical space / Samuel Edgerton --
The boat which is our earth / Johannes Kepler --
The two books of God agree with each other / Tommaso Campanella --
They hoist the earth up and down like a ball / Robert Burton --
A world in the moor / John Wilkins --
A very liquid heaven / Rene Descartes --
The eternal silence of these infinite spaces / Blaise Pascal --
This pendent world / John Milton --
But one little family of the universe / Bernard le Bouvier de Fontenelle and Aphra Behn --
Into the celestial spaces / Isaac Newton --
Discernible ends and final causes / Richard Bentley --
The planetarians and this small speck of dirt / Christian Huygens --
William Derham --
The beautiful pre-established order / Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Samuel Clarke --
An event so glorious to the Newtonian doctrine of gravity / Edmond Halley and "Astrophilus" --
A voice from the starry heavens / Cotton Mather --
This most surprising zone of light / Thomas Wright of Durham --
How fortunate is this globe! / Immanuel Kant --
To become adequately Coperican / Johann Heinrich Lambert --
Laboratories of the universe / William Hershel --
As certain as the planetary orbits / Pierre Simon Laplace --
The intelligence of the watch-maker / William Paley --
Must we then reject the infinitude of the stars? / H.W.M. Olbers --
The great principle that governs the universe / Mary Fairfax Somerville --
The infailing connection and course of events / Alexander von Humboldt --
The primordial particle / Edgar Allan Poe --
The shadow! The shadow! / Maria Mitchell Huggins --
Unraveled starlight / William Huggins --
Astronomy still young / Agnes Mary Clerke --
The peculiar interest of Mars / Giovanni Schiaparelli and Percival Lowell --
Cosmical evolution / G.H. Darwin --
G.K. Chesterton --
Curved space and poetry of the universe / Robert Osserman --
The man in the accelerated chest / Albert Einstein --
It is not true that "all is relative" / Richard Feynmann --
Spacetime tells matter how to move / John Archibald Wheeler --
The architecture of the celestial mansions / Annie Jump Cannon --
The quickening influence of the universe / Celia Payne-Gaposchkin --
You have broken Newton's back / George Bernard Shaw --
The realm of the nebulae / Edwin Hubble --
Driven to admit anti-chance / Arthur Eddington --
Did the expansion start from the beginning? / Georges Edward Lamaitre --
This Big Bang idea / Fred Hoyle --
Incomprehensible magnitude, unimaginable darkness / Werner Gitt --
That all-but-eternal crimson twilight / Arthur C. Clarke --
The cosmic oasis / Hans Blumenberg --
The very womb of life / James Lovelock --
The urge to trace the history of the universe / Steven Weinberg --
To transform the universe on a cosmological scale / John Barrow and Frank Tipler --
The no boundary condition / Stephen Hawking --
Prisons of light / Kitty Ferguson --
A very lumpy universe / George Smoot --
A cosmic archipelago / Martin Rees --
Cosmological natural selection / Lee Smolin --
The ultimate free lunch / Alan Guth --
Was there a Big Bang? / David Berlinski --
What we cannot see and yet know must be there / Vera Rubin --
Their extravagant smallness / Freeman Dyson and Brian Greene --
Cosmic dust-bunnies / John S. Lewis --
Mystery at the end of the universe / Paul Davies --
Do the heavens declare? / Owen Gingerich.
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