Cephalotaxus drupacea [art original].

Cephalotaxus drupacea [art original].
Blaschka, Rudolf, 1857-1939
2 art originals : pencil and colored pencil on paper ; 21 x 17 cm. (folded)
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Prints & Drawings
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Blaschka archive, box 43, Range 6, Bay 6, Shelf 4
This item is in the "Blaschka archive".
Drawings folded along vertical edge with first drawing on p. [1] and second drawing on p. [3]. Drawing on p. [1] is of seven views of exterior of plant with detailing in green. Drawing on p. [3] is of ten views of plant, mostly exterior, with minimal detailing in green. Also included is drawing of seed in red and green on p. [2].
Symbol for female is penciled in on lower right corner of both drawings; extensive notes penciled in next to each view on p. [3].
This shrub or tree is commonly known as the Plum Yew or Cowtail Pine.
This drawing is part of a series of botanical drawings created by the Blaschkas to reference in constructing glass models for the Botanical Museum of Harvard University.
Digitized by Harvard Museum of Natural History 2006.
Some staining and burn marks.
Blaschka design drawings. Botanicals