[Collection of advertisements from Journal of Gas Lighting, Water Supply, &c.].

[Collection of advertisements from Journal of Gas Lighting, Water Supply, &c.].
16 items : ink on paper ; 7 x 7 cm - 34 x 21 cm
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J & W. B. Smith
Falk Stadelmann & Co., Ltd.
Khoma Gas Arc Lamp, Ltd.
Evered & Co., Ltd.
D. Hulett & Co., Ltd.
James Keith & Blackman Co., Ltd.
New Inverted Incandescent Gas Lamp Co., Ld.
Alfred Arculus & Co.
William Sugg & Co., Limited.
Automatic Light Controlling Co., Ltd.
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Collection of newspaper advertisements for gas, candle and incandescent lamps.
Digitized in-house October 2014.
Some items are torn and/or missing corners and edges.
The lamp of great satisfaction and small price is the "Silva" --
The Lucet light, value for money --
Street and other lanterns. Edgar W., of Hammersmith. No. 15,970 ; July 14, 1906 --
The "Graetzin" gas-lamp --
High power without high pressure, the Khoma gas arc lamp --
Something quite new, Evered's "Viva" lamp (registered) for inside lighting, Jan. 1, 1907 --
Amstrongs patent candle safety lamps --
D. Hulett & Co., Ltd. --
The Keith light, Jan. 22, 1907 --
The original inverted burners "Nico" the first and still the best, Feb. 5, 1907 --
A beautiful "inverted." "Etna", Feb. 5, 1907 --
William Sugg's patent incandescent gas lamps, March 5, 1907 --
The successful automatic lighting of street lamps, March 5, 1907 --
"Universal" outdoor lamp --
Universal outdoor lamp --
The Keith light, March 19, 1907