[Collection of postcards and cards relating to marbles and other contemporary art glass].

[Collection of postcards and cards relating to marbles and other contemporary art glass].
203 postcards ; 22 greeting cards.
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Cohen, Bertram.
Paint Horse Gallery.
Surovek Print Gallery.
Valhalla Studio.
Blue Flame Studios.
Fritz Glass.
Fulton Parker Glass.
Robinson Glass Co.
Louis K. Meisel Gallery.
Utah Marble Connection, Inc.
Akro Agate Company.
Boyer Glassworks Studio & Gallery.
Vespermann Glass Gallery.
Hulet Glass.
Gruenig Glassworks.
Matthews Art Glass.
House of Marbles.
Teign Valley Glass.
Caithness Glass Inc.
Kurland/Summers Gallery.
Skinner Inc.
Meisel Gallery.
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Range 89, Bay 6, Shelf 3, Postcard Box B, BIB 67395
Postcards and greeting cards.
These items are in the the Bertram Cohen collection on marble memorabilia.
Bertram Cohen collection on marble memorabilia
Artworks, Nadine MacDonald (2000) --
Stephen Scott Young, limited edition prints, "The Tournament" --
[Color postcard showing three young men playing marbles at street corner Caption: "La Bloquette" --
Valhalla Studio, kaleidoscope interiors --
Blue Flame Studios, miniature to full size paperweights and marbles in a *manic* variety of designs --
Wald Marbles, classic ribbon --
Wald Marbles, spinners --
Wald Marbles --
Coins & Collectables, marble auction #4 --
Coins & Collectables, marble auction #5 --
Coins & Collectables, marble auction #6 --
Fritz glass [postcard] --
National marbles tournament, 75th anniversary commemorative postcard, 1998, Wildwood, New Jersey --
Blown glass kaleidoscope, handheld with affixed H2Orb by Debbie and David Rosenfeldt --
Dichroic glass marbles by N. David Rosenfeldt --
Dichroic glass marbles --
Fulton Parker Glass, moderne marbles --
Harry Besett, handblown glass (4 postcards) --
Latticinio marbles, Cuneo Furnace --
Mega toy gift sets --
Mega toy marbles & game mats: a winning combination --
Mega toy marbles: marbles for a new generation --
Mega accent marbles, cool down with refreshing new sorbet colors --
Mega accent marbles, inspire your imagination... with endless decorating possibilities --
Robinson Glass Co., super slags --
Robinson Glass Co., handmades --
Santa Claus is coming to town --
Charles Bell "Chicago", 1980 Louis K. Meisel Gallery --
Charles Bell, marbles VII, 1982 Louis K. Meisel Gallery --
Charles Bell, marbles VIII, 1982 Louis K. Meisel Gallery --
Greetings from ... Mount Eden, Kentucky --
Castle Marble Works: the finest in hand made porcelain marbles --
"Treasures from Grandpa's desk drawer", Utah Marble Connection --
Peltier's marbles: marbles 1920's - 1960's, Utah Marble Connection --
Handmade marbles: from the 1850 to World War One, Utah Marble Connection --
Machine-made marbles: from 1900 to 1990, Utah Marble Connection --
Akro Agate's Marbles: marbles 1911 to 1951, Utah Marble Connection --
"Marbles in the original boxes" 1. Peltier rainbo's ; 2. German handmade swirls ; 3. Akro agate striped onyx, Utah Marble Connection --
Bertram Cohen holding very rare 5-color end of the day marble and sulfide marble with head of Teddy Roosevelt --
Jonathan Winfisky, cast design series [color postcard showing vases] --
They sure make'm big up here!, Whidby Island, Washington, Ro Purser --
"We do not blow no Art Nouveau", Noble Effort Design --
Douglas Sweet, Contemporary Glass, Illuminati Series --
Geoffrey Beetem Designs, handblown glass and jewelery (black and white striped shell group... ; Pacific Triton ; Flared Nautilus) --
[American color postcard from Boyer Glassworks showing two handblown glass vases and one paperweight ("Florial Fields" ; "Floral Crimp")] --
A selection of contemporary sculptural glass paperweights, Boyer Glassworks Studio & Gallery --
A unique variety of handblown glass ornaments, Boyer Glassworks Studio & Gallery --
Assorted contemporary handblown glass marbles, Boyer Glassworks Studio & Gallery (2 postcards) --
"From the great fire, Chicago Historical Society - Proclamation for protection of victims of the Great Chicago Fire, October 8-10, 1871, and spoons, goblet, plates, marbles, and watches salvaged from the blaze. (c. 1978) --
Young again by Don Grzybowski --
Marbles Champion by: Norman Rockwell (c. 1960) --
The Grove, Boise, Idaho - The Grove, ...It is also home to a beautiful bronze statue of marble players --
Golden Gate Marble Show, March 20, 1994 --
Douglas Sweet, contemporary glass, Orbs/"Feel the Magic" --
Wichita Postcard Club Show, October 22, 23, 1988 --
Dinah Hulet, portrait study PS '96, lampworked mosaic glass canes, Hulet Glass --
Contemporary art glass marbles by Dinah Hulet, Hulet Glass --
Contemporary art glass marbles lampworked by Dinah Hulet. Each is one-of-a-kind, signed and dated, Hulet Glass --
Handblown glass by David Gruenig, Gruenig Glassworks --
Josh Simpson, detail: inhabited planet --
Inhabited planet, Josh Simpson, (c.1986) --
Simpson, about Josh Simpson, glass gallery, what's new, other stuff, purchase, contact - www.megaplanet.com --
Josh Simpson, contemporary glass --
Visionary landscapes: The glasswork of Josh Simpson, March 13-October 24, 1999, Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa, FL --
Possibly inhabited planet, Josh simpson (c. 1986) --
Predator spheres, Mark Matthews, Matthews Art Glass --
"Glass menagerie", Mark Matthews, Matthews Art Glass --
"Population portrait #7, marble jar #2", Ohio designer craftsman the best of 1989 exhibition, award for excellence: Mark Matthews, glass --
Population porttrait #7, marble jar #3, Mark Matthews, Jubilee of glass, March 12-27 --
Collector's choice", akro red, white & blue "popeye" ; akro "sky blue onyx" ; peltier "cherry" --
The flying horses carousel, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vinyard, MA (Sulfide marble eyes) (5 postcards) --
[German color postcard showing "Kugelmulke", 3 water wheels used in the grinding of marbles] --
Chinese checkers, Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (c. 1977) --
House of Marbles, 2000 Summer trad show schedule [postcard] --
The most beautiful marbles in the world, House of Marbles and Teign Valley Glass --
The old muffle kilns at Bovey pottery, the home of Teign Valley Glass and House of Marbles --
Glassblowing and marble making at Teign Valley Glass and House of Marbles --
Marbles Champions, The Teddy World Marbles Championship...(c. 1992) --
Selection of popular children's games 1880 - 1950, Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh --
National Postcard Week, May 3-9, 1992 --
National Postcard Week, 1994 (greetings from the season) --
National Postcard Week May 5-11, 1996 --
National Postcard Week May 4-10, 1997 --
National Postcard Week, May 3-9, 1998 (greetings from the season) --
National Postcard Week, May 2-8, 1999 --
National Postcard Week, May 7 - 13, 2000 --
[Distance shot of crowd around ring, game in progress. Sam McCarthy, Referee, at left in red shirt, color postcard] --
[Expert of the "Black Dogs of Crawley" team grinning over a good shot, color postcard] --
[Close-up of aging hand, in act of shooting marble on ring, color postcard] --
[Close-up of hand, in act of shooting marble on ring, b&w postcard] --
[Painting of people of all ages engaged in innocent activities, surmounted by a ribbon announcing the "Grand United Order of Oddfellows Freindly Society". Caption "Join when young and proved against adversity and for old age", color postcard] --
Caithness [Glass Co. purple, blue & red range art glass marbles on water gray ground, color postcard] --
Caithness [Glass Co. brilliant marbles on cinderblock base with black & dark blue background, color postcard] --
[Color postcard showing sculptures by John Robinson, England. One is small boy shooting marbles] "Mother and Child" --
[Color postcard showing 3 boys wearing clogs playing marbles] Caption: "Calculation" --
[Dutch color postcard showing family sitting at table with little boy showing marbles to his Father, caption in Dutch] --
Scandinavian color card showing young boy sitting on giant decorated Easter egg holding two daffodils. Marbles at base of egg.] --
[Color postcard from Macau showing 5 multi-colored cats-eyes marbles on lilac-blue background. From the Macau - traditional game series] --
[Czechoslovakian color postcard showing three boys playing with toys and holding marbles] --
[German postcard, showing assorted clay/stone marbles and other related marble items] --
[German color postcard from the Glass Museum in Lauscha, depicting glass making in the early years] --
[German color postcard showing "Marmorkugekmulke" (the marble mill) the water wheel used to grind marbles] --
[German color postcard showing a variety of marbles including chinas, clearies & cats-eyes] --
[German color postcard showing an assortment of opaque and clear marbles] --
German color postcard showing 1 marble arranged with leaves to look like fruit on trees] --
[German color postcard showing 4 marbles arranged w/leaves to look like fruit on trees, red colors] --
[Belgian color postcard showing boy holding guitar shooting marbles. Caption: Deux freres - une moment of recreation"] --
The flag of the United States made with colored glass marbles --
[Algerian (North Africa) color printed postcard showing boys playing marbles in background and fater speaking to his son in the foreground. Translation of caption: "Business is business - Simon! Simon! Go home at one. Aren't you ashamed to be playing for mone like this.. in the street.. with these Urchins! But Daddy, I'm winning! You're winning! My boy, continue, otherwise I'll swat you one"] --
[Dutch color postcard, drawing of crowded street ca. 1860, lots of street-kids playing games including marbles] --
[Celebrating the year 2000 showing a variety of items including marbles, color postcard] --
"The reluctant model", [shows seashells, chess pieces, shoes, marbles and a little girl, b&w postcard] --
[Color postcard showing photographs, pins and toys including marbles] --
[Color postcard showing little girl (Mary Anne) looking at her postcard collection. Toys including marbles also featured] --
[Black & white postcard showing children playing games including marbles in front of a bandstand. Caption: "Le Kiosque a Musique". Postmarked Septebmer 24, 1908] --
[Color postcard "10 ans le jeu" color drawing of boys and girls playing games including marbles (ca. 1910) --
[Color postcard showing 3 school boys talking over marble game: they say "t'as Grandi!" "Avant de partir en vacanes, je m'arrivals juste au nez!" (Translation: "You've grown. Before I left on vacation, I came up to you nose")] --
[Black & white postcard showing group of boys including altar boys playing games of marbles in church cortyard. Caption: "Salon de 1911 - Chocarne-Moreau- societie des artistes francais - partie de billes"] --
[Black and white postcard by Claude Fage. Boy & girl playing marbles against wall. Limited edion of 350, facsimile of Claude Fage signature on front of card (c.1992)] --
[Black and white postcard showing group of boys playing marbles in school yard] --
[French black & white postcard showing baker boy and telegraph boy playing marbles. Caption: "Tu Triches!" (Translation: "You cheat")] --
[Dutch color postcard of a needlepoint showing boy & girl shooting marbles] --
[Black & withe postcard showing palm tree lined road with 2 boys playing marbles in center of the road. Caption:Toulon - place de la liberte - allees des palmiers] --
[Black & white postcard showing little boy playing marbles on paved ground] --
[Color postcard showing 2 boys on the ground playing marbles (ca. 1907)] --
[Black & white postcard showing people walking on a tree-lined avenue in park with boy playing marbles. "Rochefort-sur-mer, les cours d'ablois"] --
[black & white postcard showing marble game on street in small town. Caption: "rue principale" (Translation: Main St.) Chemillé-sur-Dême] --
[Black & white postcard showing park in Paris with little boy playing marbles in the background. Caption: "Enfants au Jardin" (Translation: Children in the park/Gardens). Postmarked September 12, 1905] --
[Black & white postcard showing people in front of pavilion in park with children playing marbles, March 1915] --
Signature Fine Art & American Crafts exhibition "Focus Paperweights: July 2 - September 7" [opening announcement card] --
Robert Dane, Nov 23-Dec 31, Vespermann Glass Gallery --
[color card of antique marbles from the collection of Thomas stroud, KS] --
"Monk", blown and constructed glass, Robert Dane, 1989, Kurland/Summers Gallery --
Time to get rolling! --
Stand out in the crowd!, (1989) --
Josh Simpson: glass work, May 11 - August 25, 1991, Arnot Art Museum --
"Lady Luck" a tribute to the games of chance & marbles, and to the skills of gaming & collecting (1995) --
Population portrait IX marble jar AP 1990-1994, Mark Matthews, Matthews Art Glass --
Mark Matthews, population portrait VII, marble jar I, 1990, Matthews Art Glass --
Auction #26, The Dick Marshall collection closing November 15, November 22, Running Rabbit [front of card is divided in four sections and each section shows handmade or machine made marbles] --
Hulet Glass, Dinah Hulet, marbles --
Early glass, bottles and flasks [advertising card], October 6, 1990, Skinner Inc --
Murrini "Millefiori" earings, Noble Effort Design --
Collaborative works of Genie Jorgenson Wald & Rolf Wald --
Charles Bell, marbles I, 1980 Louis K. Meisel Gallery --
[Color postcard - from Noble Effort Design showing art nouveau vases, 2 millefiori marbles and paperweights] --
Challengers by Don Grzybowski --
Best game in town by Don Grzybowski --
Attic treasures by Don Grzybowski --
[Color card from Holy City Marbles, Ca. Showing biblical scene with Jesus playing marbles] --
[Color insert card "the legend of the kindness marble" by Cathy Runyan. This card shows some marbles and a poem. Published by Right Brain publishing in 1984 - to be included with a marble] --
[Color notecard "Ivory Cats" by Lesley Anne Ivory. Shows two cats playing with marbles] --
Color folding card showing oby's toys including marbles. Ad for Paté Poste Adcards Inc.] --
[American color folding card showing spinning tops and marbles from collection at the Meisel Gallery, New York] --
Lost my marbles, Andrea Peters, pastels, [card advertising exhibition at Depot Square Artists Gallery, March 7 - April 1, 1989 --
[Color folding menu. Front has colored painting of red and wiht lilies; interior design of boys playing marbles in silhouette (one is waiter); photograph on back of Renaissance room of museum. Ad for Benedictine Liqueur] --
Have a merry kissmoose and a marbleous new year --
Corning Glass Center, Corning, NY "In the Steuben Glass factory, a skilled design cutter shapes a block of glass into its final form, often cutting intricate and artistic designs into the object --
"The Paint Horse Gallery proudly announces a one man show of the "Marbelous" pastels" [Don Grzybowski exhibition of marble paintings] --
Harry Bessett, Ken Leslie: Glass Collaborations --
Cuneo Furnace :Latticinio Glass Hearts" (1996) --
"Happy Holidays, Have a "marble-ous" Christmas and sparkling new year" --
Saison 2000 - 2001 --
Nadine Macdonald (2) --
"The Bishop and the Butterfly" --
Artworks, Nadine Macdonald --
The Millennium dome - concorde - Irish postbox - teddy - chess. In celebration of the start of the Year 2000" --
Josh Simpson Megaworld --
The British Library "September, ploughing ans sowing; game of marbles." --
Bonne Fête Grande-mère! --
"Championat du monde de billes sur sable Royan --
"I wonder what it feels like to be poor?" --
"Si tu vois pas les billes, mets des lunettes comme tout le monde" --
"Les billes" --
"A la ville de Bordeaux" --
"Le serpent" --
"1000 Valennes (Sarthe) - Mairie et Ecole" --
10. Ecole de de Choubrah (Le Caire) - En récréation --
19. Rambouilett - "La Rĉhe" une bonne partie --
79. Saint-Leu-La-Forêt --
345 Lyon. --
Square Jussieu --
"I am taking things easy" (1905) --
VIII une bonne action --
"Hey! it takes two to tango!" --
60 Nice. Une Vieille Rue --
517 - Clichy. - La Place des Fêtes --
Ve prospěch čsl. škol zahraničnich vydal "Komenský" --
[color postcard of 3 children playing marbles] --
[color postcard of 4 children playing marbles, triangle game].
[Collection of 19 greeting cards illustrating marbles] --
(2) blank note cards illustrating marbles --
"Antique Marble Collector, Lynn Christian" card.