Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert [services de table].

Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert [services de table].
Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert, Seraing, Belgium.
Seraing : Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert, 1968 (Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert)
73 p. : ill. (little col.) ; 31 cm.
1968 ed.
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Services de table : a thing of beauty is a joy for ever [sic]
CMGL owns a second copy of this catalog which lacks price lists, but includes a preliminary page that c.1 lacks.
Purchase ; Chambon ; 1983; 2000022284 ; 1000130211
Includes barware (decanters, carafes, pitchers, jugs, tumblers, stemware), ice buckets, toilet sets, atomizers, perfumes, colognes, smoking accessories, cut ornamental art pieces (some colored, cut to clear), engraved pieces, table lamps, modern free formed vases and bowls, and more.
Cover title.
Trade catalog.
Red vinyl notebook.
Accompanied by: Table de conversion (coefficient 11--Prix arrondis à l'unité). 1er Aôut 1968, [4] p. -- Table de conversion (coefficient 12,65--Prix arrondis à l'unité). 3 Novembre 1969, [4] p.
Includes the following collections: Tiffany (p. 57), Georg Jensen (p. 58), Altman (p. 59), Balmoral (p. 70), Gardenia (p. 71), Beaumarchais (p. 72).