[Cut and engraved stemware catalog].

[Cut and engraved stemware catalog].
43 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 17 x 24 cm
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Trade Catalogs
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Cut and engraved stemware catalog
Spiral bound.
Black and white photographs of cut and engraved stemware.
Handwritten page numbers written on upper right-hand corner on the backside of each photograph.
There is no indication of the maker of this glassware.
Bottom center of each page has " S-11" printed. Beneath that is "S" followed by a number then a slash and alpha character. Pages are arranged according to that bottom number.
Pages include: S-376/A, S-376/B, S-377/C, S-377/D, S-378/A, S-378/B, S-378/C, S-378/D, S-378/E, S-379, S-380/A, S-380/B, S-380/C, S-381/A, S-381/B, S-382/A, S-382/B, S-382/C, S-382/E, S-382/F, S-382/G, 382/H, S-382/473, S-383/A, S-383/B, S-383/C, S-383/D, S-383/F, S-384/A, S-384/B, S-384/1287, S-385/A, S-385/B, S-385/C, S-386, S-386/A, S-386/B, S-389/Gold, S-390/1400, S-391/A, S-391/B, S-Florida, S-Daisy/1650.
Page [10] illustrates "Bottomhole crystal, bottom hole coloured".
"Frank Beues" handwritten in blue ink on p. [2] of cover.
Catalog removed from Rakow's vertical file, 2004.