Cut glass / Libbey Glass Company.

Cut glass / Libbey Glass Company.
Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA, manufacturer.
45 pages : illustrations ; 24 x 31 cm
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Trade Catalogs
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Cut glass: Libbey Glass Co., Toledo, OH, USA (F-1871C)
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Rakow Library does not own original catalog.
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The punch bowl illustrated on cover was produced in 1898.
Page numbers are printed on the reverse side of illustrated pages. Handwritten page numbers (upper right-hand corner of illustrated page) do not correspond to sequence of printed pages.
Clearwater, C0090
Loan for digitization Toledo Museum of Art 2016
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging September 2016 from a loan of materials from the Toledo Museum of Art.
Filmed from mutilated copy: hand numbered p. 1 discolored; p. 4 mutilated. For complete images, see the photocopy (TP868 .L69 1901p).
Libbey apparently issued this same catalog with different colored covers. The Toledo Museum of Art owns two copies of this catalog with red covers, and one with orange. Some copies are incomplete, damaged, or mutilated, but contents are exactly the same. CMGL digitized the orange copy as it was in the best condition and mostly complete. One missing (Lorraine pattern punch bowl, printed page number 3); and two undamaged pages from another copy were digitzed in place of mutilated pages following page printed "5" (i.e., handwritten page 4 and page printed "6").
F-1871C, 2 sheets. Microfiche only, original catalog borrowed for filming.