D'Ascenzo Studios (miscellaneous information).

D'Ascenzo Studios (miscellaneous information).
D'Ascenzo Studios.
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Ellithorp, John S.
Mayer, Frederick E.
Louis C. Tiffany Studios.
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Miscellaneous information pertaining to the D'Ascenzo Studios.
Material related to Mr. John Ellithorp's commission for stained glass windows in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canajoharie, New York.
Greeting card with b/w pictures of stained glass windows at St. Giles, Edinburgh --
Approved design for the stained glass windows of The American Legion Memorial Chapel, Lakehurst, NJ --
Tear sheet from Fortune Magazine, December 1930, "Modern Stained Glass," pp. 74-83 --
Reprint from The Philadelphia Record, Monday, December 10, 1934, "Muhlenberg College Chapel" --
Tear sheet from Philadelphia Record, Monday, July 15, 1935, "Enriched by Glass Mosaic Frieze: 100,000 Pieces of Glass Used for 70-Foot Library Frieze" (Public library in Cooper Park, Camden) --
Reprint from The Philadelphia Record, Monday, May 21, 1934, "D'Ascenzo Glass in Mellon Church: Local Studio Begins to Set Windows in Edifice at Pittsburgh" --
Reprint from Philadelphia Record, Monday, June 25, 1934, "Riverside Church Is Mother Tribute : Part of Stained Glass in Famous N. Y. Edifice Done by D'Ascenzo" --
The Cathedral Age, Volume X, Number 3, Autumn, 1935, "Leon Cathedral's Glowing Glass," by Nicola D'Ascenzo, pp. 28-30 --
Reprint from Architecture, March 1933, "Stained Glass for Night and Day" --
Tear Sheet from unknown source, dated November 15, 1931, "The Story of America Told in Stone, Carved Wood and Gems of Stained Glass Art: Washington Memorial Chapel" --
Photo of "Great West Window," Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, NJ --
Information sheet listing buildings which contain work by The D'Ascenzo Studios --
Tear sheet from Life, April 3, 1939, "Stained Glass has U. S. Renaissance: Gothic Craft Restored after 500 Years" --
Photo of "Memorial Marble and Mosaic Tablet, St. John's P. E. Church, Cynwyd, PA --
Reprint from The Club Woman's Journal "A National Cathedral Memorial Window" (3 copies) --
"Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge, PA...Windows Designed and Executed by The D'Ascenzo Studios, Philadelphia" --
The T-Square Club Journal of Philadelphia, Volume 1, Number 3, February 1931, "Nicola D'Ascenzo - Master Craftsman" (7 pp.) --
Card with picture from a watercolor painting by Nicola D'Ascenzo, c.1921. "La Chapelle de la Vierge, Chartres Cathedral" --
Correspondence between Mr. Chas. W. Nussbaum at Louis C. Tiffany Studios and Mr. John S. Ellithorp in Canajoharie, New York, dated 1934-1935 concerning the windows in the Methodist Episcopal Church --
Card with drawing done by Nicola D'Ascenzo of "A Street Scene in Assisi" --
Tear sheet from Gloucester Daily Times, Saturday, September 22, 1934,"Well Known Artist's Works Talk at Newport" --
Brief lecture on Stained Glass; one of a series delivered by Frederick E. Mayer, Associate and Historian of The D'Ascenzo Studios --
Tear sheet from Evening Public Ledger, September 25, 1933, "Many Happy Returns - To Nicola D'Ascenzo, Designer of Stained Glass Windows Who is 62 Today" --
Reprint from Philadelphia Record, Monday, September 17, 1934, "Divinity School Chapel" --
Tear sheet from unknown newspaper dated Tuesday, September 30, 1930, "Philadelphian Discovers Formula for Gold Mosaic, Kept Secret 1000 Years" (lacking last column) --
Tear sheet from unknown/undated newspaper "'Our Lady of Gloucester': Exhibit Extended on Stained Glass: Art of D'Ascenzo Remains on Display at Industrial School Another Week" --
Reprint from Philadelphia Record, Sunday, April 14, 1935, "The Clerestory Window in the Labour Bay : Windows for New York Cathedral to be Made in Philadelphia" (2 copies) --
Reprint from The Philadelphia Record, February 11, 1935, "D'Ascenzo Stained Glass Embellishes Yale Chapel" --
Tear sheet from Philadelphia Inquirer, October 4, 1931, "St. John's, Lower Merion, Gets Memorial Windows --
Tear sheet from Copper & Brass Bulletin, October 1, 1932, "Bronze Applied for Frames and Structural Bars in Two Fine Stained Glass Windows" --
Tear sheet from unknown newspaper dated Thursday, January 27, 1938, "Windows Hold 2-Fold Interest for Most Men" --
Tear sheet from Time the Weekly Newsmagazine, Vol. LVIII, No. 26, December 24, 1951, "Faith & Works" --
Reprint from The Philadelphia Record, Monday, March 12, 1934, "New Shakespearean Library - Shakespeare Library Shows Stained Glass by D'Ascenzo: Windows of Washington Building Housing Folger Collection Executed by Famous Studio - Cret was Architect" --
Tear sheet from The Washington Post, Sunday, July 12, 1931, "New Folger Shakespeare Library in Capitol Area is Called Beautiful Gem of Modern Architecture" by Ada Rainey --
Tear sheet from a Philadelphia newspaper, Public Ledger, Sunday morning, June 19, 1932, "Glass for Library in Washington Completed Here: D'Ascenzo Designs Windows for Folger Shakespeare Memorial" --
Page showing b/w copy of "Washington at Valley Forge"