[Design drawing for decanter and tumbler with blue accents] [art original].

[Design drawing for decanter and tumbler with blue accents] [art original].

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Buchholz and Zelt.
1 art original : chalk, watercolor, and pencil on tracing paper ; 35 x 25 cm
tracing paper chalk, watercolor, and pencil drawing and painting single sided
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Range 139, Bay 2, Shelf 5, Buchholz and Zelt, Box N7a/N8a
Design drawing for decanter, on left, and matching tumbler, on right. Both pieces of tableware feature similar design of repeating long oval, flanked by two smaller ovals, around body with floral design in between, along top.
"58/Nr. 7797/200" written in gold ink below decanter. "58/Form 1133b/200" written in pencil and gold ink below tumbler.
"15960/blue" penciled in on lower left corner.
"CMG 482" -- written in black ink on lower right corner.
Buchholz and Zelt was a firm in New York City that imported glass and silver from Bohemia. This drawing is part of a collection of drawings including cut, engraved, and art deco designs, created by the firm, presumably for the US market, and sent to Bohemia to be made into glass or silver. Many of the designs were inspired by objects in European museums. Most of the drawings are in the Bohemian nineteenth century style and a minority are stamped with the name of the glass company involved, such as Mühlhaus, Oertel, and Harrach. Buchholz and Zelt would likely have placed their own label on the glass.
This item is in the collection of Buchholz and Zelt.
Buchholz and Zelt
Sent to West Lake Conservators Ltd. October 2014 for conservation. Hinged into window mat with photo corners.
Simple line border penciled in along each edge.
Similar drawings can be found at The Metropolitan Museum and Novy Bor.
Flooded, some flood mud still present. Very brittle. Another drawing has bled through onto this drawing.