[Design drawing for wardrobe] [art original].

[Design drawing for wardrobe] [art original].
Gallé, Emile, 1846-1904.
1 art original : ink on onionskin paper ; 33 x 31 cm.
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Atelier Emile Gallé.
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Small holes in tan construction paper are covered by design.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging May 2012.
Sent to photography June 2013 for inclusion in Journal of Glass Studies (photography no. 1000132181).
Materials sold at the Sotheby Parke Bernet Monaco auction on October 24, 1982 to Dr. Henry C. Blount, Jr. Portions of the materials were donated to the Museum by Dr. Blount in 1983 (RR 15024) and in 1993 (RR 18447); this Gallé drawings group 1 includes auction lot 27.
This collection of designs documents the activities of Gallé's workshop in Nancy, France.
This design is part of BIB 128598 [Gallé drawings group 1, furniture and art glass with botanical motif].
Design is affixed along left edge to tan construction paper; dimensions including construction paper are 35 x 54 cm.
Design is for three-section wardrobe, each section with its own mirror. Mirror in center section is shaped like a trefoil at top; the wood is decorated with floral motif. Center section extends slightly outwards. Mirrors on outer sections are curved at top and otherwise rectangular in shape; wood on these sections is also decorated with floral motif. Feet are designed to look like an upside down flower.
Remnants of adhesive are visible along left edge of tissue paper.
"Atelier Emile Gallé, Sotheby, Monaco" stamped in black ink on lower left corner of design.
"3" penciled in on upper right corner of tan construction paper backing.
Construction paper has not been cut to form a perfect rectangle; some edges are irregular.
Gallé drawings group 1-3.