[Design drawings for two lamps mounted on blue paper] [art original].
Camille Renard, Liége, Belgium.
[between 1890-1900]
2 drawings : watercolor and pencil on paper ; 35 x 50 cm.
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Lampe [rite] Valentine style Chinois
Lampe Valentine cristal moulé sur quatre pieds
Dimensions include blue paper design drawings are mounted on.
Design drawing of two lamps. Lamp on left labeled "Lampe [rite] Valentine style Chinois" and is of ornate design with opening for candle; below is pencil sketch of view from above. Lamp on right labeled "Lampe Valentine cristal moulé sur quatre pieds" and is of softer design with leaf like handle and four feet; this lamp also has opening for candle.
"Camille Renard ingénieur Liége" -- stamped in blue ink above both drawings.
"Fonds Chambon" stamped on white label affixed to lower right corner of verso; "30" -- written in ink on same label.
This item is in Trade Catalog F-7323T (Tableware: Renard, Camille, Liége, Belgium).
Photographed August 2010 for the exhibition titled "East meets west" (Photography no. 1000093969).
Displayed in the exhibition titled "East meets west" held at The Corning Museum of Glass from November 18, 2010 - October 30, 2011.