Enigma [slide].

Lynn, Lou, artist.
[British Columbia, Canada], 1990.
plate glass, aluminum ; 41 cm. x 47 cm. x 14 cm.
Format of Material: 
Slides & Transparencies
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Rights & Reproduction Master Collection
Call Number: 
NGR 12, no. 48
Call Number: 
Lynn, Lou; NGR 12, no. 48
Description in New Glass Review: Plate glass, cast aluminum.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Natural green tint non lead glass, aluminum, cast aluminum; glass was cut, polished, pre drilled, and mechanically locked in place; metal mount: cast aluminum ring was welded onto aluminum pipe, this was welded to aluminum plate "saddle" which slips over the glass; threaded rod in copper and plastic sleeves inserted and locked in place with washers and aluminum plugs (secured with Dow Corning 999 silicone). Free standing glass and aluminum : sculpture; five plate glass semi circles stacked and placed with curved side down, straight surface horizontal; smaller semi circle aluminum "saddle" with stepped edge is centered and slipped over straight edge; "saddle handle" formed of two solid short columns extending vertically from top surface supporting massive solid horizontal rod that is same width of straight edge of glass, solid aluminum ring caught in middle of rod between the two posts; aluminum has pitted martelé surface treatment; curved glass edge held in place by two half aluminum rod supports; stamped in block letters on inside of ring: "LOU LYNN 1990".Gift in part of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wiiken
Technique: Casting.
Type: Sculpture.
Image orientation: landscape.
Published in: New Glass Review 12, p. 19, no. 48.
Master slide condition: Scattered residue, scattered scratches.
Slide condition: Scattered residue, scattered scratches, fingerprints, dust, dent, Good, no marks.
Copies in drawer: 2
New Glass Review 12; entry no. 672.1.90
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 12 no. 48
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Image of CMoG object: 92.4.156