[Five pendants] [picture].

[Five pendants] [picture].
Lalique, René, 1860-1945.
glass ; col.
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Cristal Lalique (Firm). manufacturer
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Slides & Transparencies
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Description: Slide shows five different pendants. Top left is a glass pendent of a nude woman reclining in a light engraved background of trees. The words "Fioret" and "Paris" are stamped along the perimeter of the pendant. Top right iss another glass pendant of a nude woman kneeling while holding/picking bushes of flowers in the background. The words "Fioret" and "Paris" are stamped along the perimeter of the pendant as well as the signature R. Lalique. Bottom left is a circular bronze pendant of woman standing with her hands on a sitting man's shoulders. In the background is a tree and small illegible words. The name Lalique is found below the woman's dress. The bottom center depicts the same scene as in the bottom left pendant but is a diamond shaped pendent. Bottom right is a bronze pendant of a woman in light drapery reaching her arms out to embrace two children. The words "Orphelinat des armées" are below the figures.
Type: Pendants.
Image orientation: landscape.
Digitized from a loaned slide; Nicholas M. Dawes; 2008.
Slide is property of Nicholas M. Dawes.