Fostoria Glass Company records

Fostoria Glass Company records
Fostoria Glass Company.
43 boxes.
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Range 9, Bay 2, Shelf 8 through Range 9, Bay 4, Shelf 2, Box 1 - 11, 13-43
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Range 139, Bay 3, Shelf 4, Box 12
Archival material gathered by Gary Schneider relating to the Fostoria Glass Company.
This archive includes photographs, transparencies, slides, clippings, booklets and articles. Also holds correspondence, price lists, blueprints of patterns, blueprints of the plant layout along with cost of buildings built 1903-1916, and the cost of the rebuilding program, 1922-1930. There are annual reports, patents, contracts, fractional share certificates, financial statements, reports of annual audits, cashed checks and cashed payroll checks. In addition to this, there are handbooks of different departments as agreed to by the American Flint Glass Workers' Union of North America, a factory order book, a market survey for Fostoria Glass from the Trundle Engineering Company, Cleveland, Ohio (1932, serial no.1) and a selling analysis for Fostoria Glass, from the Trudle Engineering Company, (1932, serial no.2). The archive also includes Fostoria Glass Company statistical comparisons; a comparative balance sheet; a comparative profit and loss statement; 2 books, First national Bank, Moundsville, West Virginia, in account with Fostoria Glass; 2 visitor registers; binder, W.F. Dalzell. Internal public relations, Robert M. Creaghead and Company; Foreman's manual; and a Fostoria Glass Company binder: Suggested china-glass coordinations.
2012 additions to the archive include company production records (almost complete) from January 19, 1917 to December 29, 1945, and a Journal book of sales of glass and loans to/paid back to employees of Fostoria (covers period from Jan. 12, 1929 - Feb. 3, 1924).
2013 additions to the archive include advertisements (including ads mounted on board): 15 ads showing Fostoria glass in food ads, 39 color ads from 1924-1930 showing Fostoria products, 17 black and white ads showing various patterns, 38 black and white ads from 1924-1930, 15 color ads from 1950-1960 showing various patterns, and the following black and white ads for these patterns: "Meadow Rose" (4), "Colony" (40), "Century" (7), "Navarre" (21), "Chintz (10), "Romance" (12), and "Heather" (6).
A subsequent 2013 addition is a survey map of the Fostoria Glass Company. The survey was done on February 27, 1951 for insurance purposes, and it shows factory buildings (dimensions and purposes), streets, nearby businesses, etc.
Purchase; Gary Schneider; 2012; 5
Purchase; Gary Schneider; 2013; 5