[Frederic Schuler manuscripts and miscellaneous research papers].

[Frederic Schuler manuscripts and miscellaneous research papers].
Schuler, Frederic.
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Frederic Schuler worked in the Scientific Research Group of the Corning Museum of Glass in the 1950's with the assistance of Frederick Carder on some projects. He also wrote "Flameworking Glassmaking for the Craftsman" (1968)
Reprints from articles in "Archaeology", vol. 12, no. 2 (summer 1959), Ancient Glassmaking Techniques; The Blowing Process, and vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 1962), The Egyptian Core Vessel process --
Plans for UCSB Extension course: The History of Glass --
Misc. CGW experimental glass formulas done by F. Schuler --
Furnace design research material (1957), e.g., letters, drawings and CGW blueprints for various furnaces and glory holes --
Manuscripts for planned Book 3: Freeblowing (1971) ; book 4: nature of Glass (1971) ; Book 5: Glass Carving (1972) --
Numerous research materials for aforementioned books --
Survey manuscript for "Uniqueness of Glass for the Artists, Glassmaking Tools, Workers, and Techniques" (Correspondence, catalogs, drawings and complete draft) --
Research material for seminar on "The Glassy State" --
Original CGW 8" x 10" b&w photos of Carder glass --
Abstract: "The Technology of Tiffany Glass" by W. D. Kingery and P. B. Vandiver (MIT) (approx 60 pgs) --
Research material for "Physics of Glass" by H. R. Lillie, CGW (approx. 150 pgs.)