[Glass recipes and notes on glass manufacturing].

[Glass recipes and notes on glass manufacturing].
Blumenauer, C. H. (Charles Henry), 1867-1949.
88 unnumbered pages, 50 pages in various pagings : illustrations ; 18 cm
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Baumstark, Robert.
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TP857.12.B65 *
Batch book.
Looseleaf binder with leather cover (separating), issued by the Sharp-Schurtz Company of Lancaster, Ohio with a looseleaf section titled "Double S fax: an idea-eschange of facts". "C. H. Blumenauer" embossed on cover. Includes typed and handwritten glass recipes and notes pertaining to the glass industry on lined paper.
The Double S fax section includes sections of maxims, information pertinent to the glass industry, and a calendar card for 1920 and 1921.
Charles Henry Blumenauer worked for the Macbeth-Evans Glass Company from 1893-1910 and left to work for Jefferson Glass Company, where he became president and manager.
Written upside-down on first page: "Mr. Robert Baumstark, 914 E. Catalina, Santa Ana". Inserted upside-down at the very back: Started recuperative tank Feb. 8, 1926...
Glass recipes. Black glass (6-15-26) ; Central Glass Works formula, Black glass, Dornon --
Gold & yellow ; In use at Jefferson Glass Co., October 1926, Yellow, Dornon --
Crystal glass, in use at Central Glass Works, Wheeling, W. Va., 11-22-26 --
Black glass Dornan --
Nitro-glass ; Nitro-glass, Dornon --
[Notes for use of white spray lustre and red lustre, 12-3-26] --
Amber, given Mr. McCleary by Dr. Shivley, 2-28-25 ; Amber as made Central Glass Works, furnished by Dr. Shively, February 9-27 --
Amethyst - blowing, Dornan, in use 9/27/27 --
Crystal glass tank, Yandala 9/27/27 ; Crystal glass tank [2] --
Nitro-opal glas ; Ruby glass --
Opaque turquoise blue glass ; Nitroglo glass --
Cheap opal to blow ; Black glass --
Blue glass, Major Equip. ; New blue green cast --
Rose glass ; Lime glass for pots --
Jade green ; Yellow glass --
Light amber ; Dark amber --
Jade glass ; Day crystal tank --
Nitroglow glass ; Tank opal --
Blue-green ; Rose glass --
Moonstone glass --
National Association of Mfr's of P. & B. Glassware, Nov. 23, 1926 Agreement of illuminating license, visor or curved tail light lenses (7 leaves) [inserted backwards] --
McCleary, Jan. 1, 1935, Crystal glass tank, Dornan ; Crystal glass pot, Dornan Sr., Riverside Glass, Wellsburg --
Crystal glass pot, Jim Hayden, Aug. 5, 1928 --
Rose glass pot, 1-21-28 ; Rose glass pot, press, 3-3-28 --
Rose glass from Mr. Milford, Solvy Co., Pittsburg, Nov. 11-1930 --
Rose glass, 11-10-30 ; Rose glass [2] --
Nitroglo glass, Dr. Shively, 1-2-28 --
Ivory nitroglo glass pot, McCleary, 4-25-29 ; Jim Hayden, Aug. 5-1928, ivory --
Nielite glass pot --
Moonstone glass pot, 8-27 --
Nitroglass Or. opal pot, McCleary, 9-27-27 --
Tank opal, McCleary ; Jade, Dr. Silverman, U. Pitts., 6-23-30 --
Emerald green pot ; Topaz --
Hayden ruby glass pot, 4-17-31 ; Ruby glass, March 30-31 ; Coral red opaque --
Ruby glass pot ; Ruby glass pot or tank --
Flashed ruby tank ; Amethyst glass --
Moonstone glass tank, 1-29-29 ; Light amber press --
New blue green cast ; Blue green --
Blue glass, Major Equip. Co. ; Heat resisting blue green --
Black glass --
Opal ; Nitro ; Opal glass --
[Notes for adding water to acids] --
Crystal glass ; Dark green --
Crystal glass ; Crystal glass [2] --
Formula for paste moulds, Hayden, April 30-31 --
Opal glass, 1-16-33 --
Ruby glass tank, never tried ; Crystal daylight glass pot, Harry Richard, North State Feldspar Corp., Micaville, N.C. --
Ruby glass, 8-22-30 ; Crystal glass, Harry Richards --
White acid for dipping ware ; Formula for material hobbing moulds --
Crystal glass wired by J.B. Krak, R-H Chemical Co. ; Amber glass pot.
A-B. About Double S fax; maxims --
F. Comparative fuel costs of various sources of heat ; The control of fuel consumption ; Gas producer fuel ; The causes of coal wastes ; Chimneys --
M. Arsenic: History of arsenic ; Uses ; Importance of arsenic in the glass industry ; Arsenic in glass ; The condition of arsenic in glass and its role in glass making / by E.T. Allen and E.G. Zies ; Role of arsenic in glass making ; The deterioration of lime on keeping / by S.A. Woodhead ; Metallic coating on glass ; The melting of lead glass in open pots ; Alumina in glass ; The use of lime ; Feldspar ; Chemistry in the industries ; Uses of manganese and particularly its role in glass making ; Chemistry of use of manganese in glass making process ; Specifications for manganese ore used in making glass --
Buy on analysis --
What should be the relative sizes of gas and air ports ; Preliminary firing of tank furnaces --
Glass decolorizer ; From the glass industry ; The Sharp producer gas burner ; Muffle lehrs ; Effect and limits of iron oxide in glass ; American glass sands ; Localities of glass sands --
Biography of Chester L. Sharp.
Glass recipe books