[Gold ruby over crystal table setting : Fisher].

[Gold ruby over crystal table setting : Fisher].

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1 digital image ; color ; 4 x 5 inches
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Digital Image
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No call number available
CMoG accession no.: L.651.4.2001 G; L.650.4.2001 F; L.646.4.2001 F; L.645.4.2001 H; L.644.4.2001 E; L.641.4.2001 F; L.648.4.2001 C; L.643.4.2001 F; L.652.4.2001 D; L.649.4.2001 H.
Rockwell accession no.: 78.8.82F; 78.8.74F; 78.8.46F; 78.8.40F; 78.8.29F; 78.8.11F; 78.8.57F; 78.8.23F; 78.8.86F; 78.8.68F.
Image orientation: landscape.
Filmed from loaned transparency. Original owned by the Rockwell Museum.
Loan for digitization; Rockwell Museum of Western Art; 2015
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in January 2015.