Hyalos = Vitrum = Glass : history, technology and conservation of glass and vitreous materials in the Hellenic world / [editor] George Kordas.

Hyalos = Vitrum = Glass : history, technology and conservation of glass and vitreous materials in the Hellenic world / [editor] George Kordas.

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Athens : Glasnet Publications, 2002.
373 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm.
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Kordas, G. (George). ed.
Brill, Robert H. Chemical analyses of various glasses excavated in Greece.
Brill, Robert H. Excavation of the Kenchreai panels and their conservation treatments.
Koob, Stephen P. Conservation and restoration of glass at Samothrace.
Whitehouse, David, 1941-2013. Two medieval drinking glasses with gilded and enamelled ornament.
Whitehouse, David, 1941-2013. Summing up : some thoughts on the archaeological papers.
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NK5107.4.H99 2002
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NK5107.4.H99 2002
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Vitrum = Glass : history, technology and conservation of glass and vitreous materials in the Hellenic world
Glass : history, technology and conservation of glass and vitreous materials in the Hellenic world
At head of title: 1st international conference.
A copy of this title was received with the David Grose research collection.
Includes bibliographical references.
In English and Greek.
Includes articles by Dr. Robert H. Brill, Stephen Koob, and Dr. David B. Whitehouse.
Chemical analyses of various glasses excavated in Greece / R. H. Brill --
The art and the craft of glass in South-East Aegean / P. Triantafyllidis --
A preliminary report on the hydration dating of melos, yiali and antiparos obsidian / C.M. Stevenson, I. Liritzis and M. Diakostamatiou --
Aegean glass and faience beads: an attempted reconstruction of a palatial Mycenaean high-tech industry / G. Nightingale --
Some ubiquitous glass ornaments of the early centuries of the first millenium BC / M. Spaer --
Glass connections between Gordion and Rhodes: core-formed and cast Achaemenid style glass vessels / J. D. Jones --
Macedonian glass-working in the 4th c. BC / D. Ignatiadou --
Glass finds from graves at Amphipolis / K. Romiopoulou --
Glass grave goods from Acanthus / E. Trakosopoulou --
Hellenistic glass in the British Museum / V. Tatton-Brown --
The weathering of ancient cold worked glass surfaces / L. Pilosi and M. T. Wypyski --
Blown glass vessels from cemeteries in Naxos and Paros / F. N. Zafiropoulou --
Glassware with inscriptions and relief decoration from the ancient agora of Thessaloniki / C. Mavromichali --
Glass finds from ancient Ioron / A. Antonaras and E. Anagnostopoulou-Chatzipolichoroni --
Glass in Benghazi, Knosos and Mytilene: comparison of finds of the mid-1st century AD / J. Prince --
Late Hellenistic and early Roman glass from the Souks excavations in Beirut, Lebanon / S. Jennings --
Glass vessels from a Roman and early Christian cemetery in Perissa, Thera / E. Gerousi --
Hellenistic/Roman faience production at Memphis, Egypt / P. T. Nicholson --
Mosaic glass inlays in the Antikensammlung / G. Platz-Horster --
New research on mosaic glass: preliminary results / M.-D. Nenna --
The ancient glassblower's tools / E. M. Stern --
Byzantine and early Islamic glassmaking in the Eastern Mediterranean: production and distribution of primary glass / I. C. Freestone, R. Greenwood and Y. Gorin-Rosen --
Conservation of glass and vitreous materials / S. Davison --
With "trial and error" through ancient glass technology / R. Lierke --
A preliminary interdisciplinary reconnaissance of the glass found at Roman Sagalassos / J. Poblome and P. Degryse --
Compositional and technological characteristics of glass tesserae from the vault mosaics of Dafni Monastery, Greece / C. Fiori... [et al.] --
Two medieval drinking glasses with gilded and enamelled ornament / D. Whitehouse --
The Kenchreai glass opus sectile panels and the culture of late antique Greece / R. M. Rothaus --
The excavation of the Kenchreai panels and their conservation treatments / R. H. Brill, S. Weintraub and K. Amylon Swain --
The red Kenchreai glasses: characterization of their alteration / G. Moraitou... [et al.] --
Quantifying the vitreous state for practical application / R. Conradt --
Analysis of ancient glass using ion beams and related techniques / S. Kossionides... [et al.] --
Research of corrosion phenomena of archaeological glass / H. Römich and E. Lopez --
Non-destructive composition analysis of glass artefacts for precaution / M. Mader, C. Neelmeijer and M. Schreiner --
Special corrosion phenomena on glass objects / E. Lopez... [et al.] --
The glass collection in the ancient Athenian Agora / A. Boccia Paterakis --
Corrosion morphology of glass debris from a Hellenistic glass factory in Rhodes: the difficulties encountered and some preliminary results / P. Loukopoulou, I. Karatasios --
Recent developments in glass conservation at the conservation section of Hogeschool Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium / J. M. A. Caen and N. Minten --
Initial steps of weathering of potash-lime-silica glass studied in-situ by atomic force microscopy (AFM) / I. Schmitz, M. Scheiner and G. Friedbacher --
The conservation and restoration of glass at Samothrace / S. P. Koob --
Conservation of Hellenistic vessel glass at the British Museum / D. Ling --
Conservation study of traditional glass: panels from Siatista, Macedonia - Greece / V. Lampropoulos, I. Karatasios and E. Papaioannou --
Corrosion phenomena and composition of a core-formed vessel / M. Papathanassiou... [et al.] --
An attempt to face the problem of iridescence on archaeological glass / V. Lampropoulos, A. Kalagri and L. Valsamis --
Post-Byzantine glass panels from the area of Preveza: a preliminary investigation / S. Kalozoumi... [et al.] --
Analysis of glass of the early Christian period from the workshop and settlement of Philippi, Northern Greece: preliminary results / M. Skordara, G. Gounaris, Y. Maniatis --
Preventive conservation of Kenchreai glass panels / G. Maraitou, I. Karatasios, G. Kordas --
A glass complex of the Severan period from Hanghaus 2 in Ephesos / M. Schätzschock --
Properties of reversible ORMOSIL coatings / C. Trapalis, M. Mania and G. Kordas --
Electrochemical identification of iron centres in archaeological glass using microsamples attached to graphite/polyester composite electrodes / A. Doménech-Carbó, M.T. Doménech-Carbó and L. Osete-Cortina --
The implications of the use of nepheline for the glass of Roman Sagalassos / P. Degryse and J. Poblome --
Glass for the Gods / E. M. Stern --
Summing up: some thoughts on the archaeological papers / D. Whitehouse --
Summary and discussion of the conservation papers / A. Boccia Paterakis.
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Includes CMoG objects: 67.1.19, p. 199-203 -- 67.1.20, p. 199-203.
Includes CMGL material: 127896, p. 13 -- 128599, p. 14 (fig. 1) -- 127923, p. 18 (image not published).