Leslie H. Nash [batch book and notebook]

Leslie H. Nash [batch book and notebook]

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Nash, Leslie Hayden.
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations ; 19 cm
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Nash, Arthur J. (Arthur John), 1849-1934.
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Range 14, Bay 6, Shelf 6, Arthur J. Nash and Leslie H. Nash collection on Tiffany Studios, Box 2, BIB 142798
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Batch book.
Leather-bound "Congress" engineers cross section notebook with graph paper pages. Notebook has been used from both ends, with center section of pages unused. Loose cover.
Accompanied by a folder of 3 loose sheets removed from the volume at leaf 44. Includes recipes for heavy lead glass and optical glass.
Used leaves have been hand-numbered from 1-18, 19-54. Inside front cover: "1906-7-8, Midge & Jack: a book named Esparto (red) has a lot of glass information including method of making lustre glass. Keep these two books safe--always. Never leave around, Dad. Some day these formula may prove to be of great value."
This publication part of the Arthur J. Nash and Leslie H. Nash Collection on Tiffany Studios.
Arthur J. Nash and Leslie H. Nash Collection on Tiffany Studios
Leaves 3b-6b, 8b, 27b-29, 42b, 46-46b, 47b, 51b-52 photographed in 2004.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging September 2015.
Displayed in the exhibition titled "Selections from the Rakow Research Library", held at the Rakow Research Library March 19-May 17, 2015.
Includes recipes, designs, and personal remarks on specific Tiffany projects. Some recipes initialled AJN.
Tiffany Furnaces; drawings started March 2nd, 1908 for new extension to lehr room... --
Rock crystal sculpture with light wheel --
Fish mould for aquamarines --
Water lily glass vase --
Fish bowl for Laurelton Hall pool --
Ping pong ball fountain for L.C. Tiffany --
Bubble fountain with color wheel --
Ceiling lights, rock cave of John D. Rockefeller --
Glass flowers for rear of house at Laurelton, LCT --
4 foot glass fountain for LCT court --
Mexican curtain, Capital Theatre; Tiffany dome --
Curtis Publishing Co., Phila. Pa., cartoon Maxfield Parrish (2 p.) --
Fountain to keep ball in air 12 feet, rear of dining room, Oyster Bay, for LCT --
Egyptian toilet set for Mrs. Cyrus McCormack, Chicago, Ill. --
Dream Garden (5 p.) --
Tiffany fountain ; 8 to 12" daffodils ; Marshall Field work ; lamp bases --
1st Baptist Church, Flushing, Mrs. J.P. Morris, Christ blessing little children --
John D. Rockefeller job ready, June 1916 ; My own invention green lustre --
Dream Garden (4 p.) --
Union Trust Co. job: 14 bronze & enamel doors, signal lights --
New lamps for Tiffany & Co. --
Glass mosaic for work on Cathedral of St. John the Divine --
Green lustre --
Drawings of Tiffany Furnaces (12 p.) --
Pottery ; Glazes --
Drawings of ware, March 8/09-April 5/09 (3 p.) --
Electric furnace made for melting silica for L.C. Tiffany experiment Jan. 3rd 1910 ; No. 1. Jan. 17th 1910, invented this method for rolling a key or bond on the back of glass tiles, L.H. Nash, pat. applied for ; No. 2. Method for pressing key & bond on the back of glass tiles by means of secondary plunger spreading a four pointed star, L.H. Nash, Feb. 5th, 1910 to 1912, patent applied for ; No. 3. Feb. 9th, 1910 to 12, method for pressing bond or key on glass tiles below the back surface --
2, 3, and 4 color inlay tiles ; Beads (with hole) --
Beads/buttons, another method ; Signs & reflectors --
Experiments completed 1924: signal reflectors --
Numbered chemical key --
Silver nitrate, silver B batch ; Flint rolling batch, batch [diamond] R --
7. Formulas for gold & blue lustre glass ; Sprays for lustre ; Flat glass opal rolling batch ; Special B flint (rolling and blowing) ; Special B opal --
8. Pottery glazes ; Ruby (best in the world) AJN --
9-15. Important: this is the key to all formula; keep it secret LHN [p. 12 has note by LHN in 1947 about the availability of #37 (uranium) due to atom bombs] --
Red Sp B ; Green sp B ; Opal sp B --
Flint batch, rolling, [diamond] N6 ; Green, rolling ; Blue, rolling --
16. Jan. 1916, very perfect examples of Cipriote glass were made ; Feb. 1916, change B2 batch ; Mould for rolling method ; Vacum [sic] insulating tile --
17. Heavy lead glass ; Light lead glass ; Optical glass --
18. Analysis of a very durable lead glass ; Arthur J. Nash 'alabaster' --
19. Blown glass lehr using coke ; 8 pot oil burning furnace ; Glory hole proved perfect ; Kiln glass --
20. Observations on yellow rolling [diamond] R glass, AJN, LHN --
21. AJN gold lustre glass, B2 batch (blowing), see entire process in other book, Esparto (red) ; AJN flat glass, R-batch opal, rolling ; Flat glass, R-batch flint, rolling, R-glass is rolling glass for church windows --
Special B-flint, the above for rolling & blowing ; R batch color- rich yellow --
Alabaster glass from patent by Geo. A. Macbeth, no. 13766 July 7, 1914, by AJ Nash, made for PRR Station, NY --
Aqua marine water lily vase ; Aquamarine fish, leaves, nets, ... --
Optical glass --
Small melting furnace, J. Gobel & Co. --
Heavy lead glass (1) ; Heavy lead glass (2) ; Amber --
Feb. 26, 1903, fillings of F2 glass, from AJ Nash English book (White House Works, 1883) of experiments with Cu, Ag, tin lustres; Lustre F2 ; Green F2 ; Yellow F2 ; Ruby F2 ; Opales F2 --
Alabaster glass very fine for lighting, to LHN from A.J. Nash, 1916, from English book made in Whitehouse Glass Works 1887, AJN ; F2 batch --
[Threading machine] improved by LHN, rebuilt 1920 --
[Bottle vase] 935 azn sketches, 1894 --
Dip moulds for use in optic moulded or for upsetting threaded glass if it is used before glass is blown. Note these moulds in interior photographs in my album of pictures, LHN --
Glass decoration and some glass technique [discusses use of the threading machine] --
Diagrams showing how leaves are made --
Lustre glass, 1912 (6 p.) --
Diagrams showing how to trap air bubbles in pieces --
Lily pad flower bowl --
Ripple flat glass --
Holes in glass ; Pressed tile, invention by LH Nash, used in the making of glass sign letters ... for Viking Signs Co. (2 p.) --
Tiffany Furnaces Inc., Corona, N.Y., ledger page of annual expenses, sales, and profits for June 1, 1894-Jan. 31, 1902.
Glass recipe book
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Leaf 3b-4 published in Annual report - Corning Museum of Glass 2004: AI90240, p. 22 PER NK5102.C8 .C81a 2004.
Leaf 3b published in Corning Museum of Glass [2009 brochure]: 109342, p. 14 NK5102.C8 .C81b 2009.
Leaf 3b published in Corning Museum of Glass : a look inside: 123597, p. 24 NK5102.C8 .C81b 2011.