[Letters addressed to B. C. & R. A. Tilghman].

[Letters addressed to B. C. & R. A. Tilghman].

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B. C. & R. A. Tilghman.
66 items : ink on paper ; 21 x 14 - 28 x 22 cm
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Document 27:1.
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Letters have staining and ink bleeding.
Some letters have tearing and/or small holes.
Letter from A. J. Beatty & Sons, Ohio, dated November 10, 1891, concerning fittings for sand blast machine. (Illustrates factory buildings. Manufacturers of pressed and blown tumblers and table ware.). --
Letter from Buffalo Stained Glass Works, New York, dated May 29, 1893, concerning sand blast machine. (Letterhead lists F. J. Riester & L. P. Frohe.). --
Letter from Byesville Glass & Lamp Co., Ohio, dated March 9, 1900, concerning sand blast machines. (Glass manufacturers: lamps, globes, shades, electrical ware, decorated, opal, flint & colors. Illustrates factory buildings.). --
Letter from Chambers & McKee Glass Co., Pennsylvania, dated November 17, 1894, concerning catalogue of sand blast machinery. (Manufacturers of window glass. Letter written by T. A. Allcock.). --
Letter from Clark Window Glass Mfg. Co., New Jersey, dated June 8, 1893, concerning machine for frosting and enamelling sheet glass. (Manufacturers of gas finished window glass.). --
Letter from Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co., Pennsylvania, dated June 28, 1901, concerning parts for sand blast machine. (Colored and opal decorated lamps, globes and shades; colored and opal decorated Welsbach bulbs, globes and shades. Illustrates factory buildings.). --
Letter from Crescent Glass Co., Pennsylvania, dated June 26 and July 3, 1894, concerning royalty on sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of opal glassware, druggists' sundries and glass novelties. J. L. Mothershead, President.). --
Letter from Cumberland Glass Co., Maryland, dated July 24, 1894, concerning catalogue and price list of sand blast machines. (Manufacturers of blown flint glassware, goblets, tumblers, ect. Lists Anton Zihlmann, President; and L. A. Fletcher, Secretary.). --
Letter from Dawes Manufacturing Co., Inc., Pennsylvania, dated December 12, 1899, concerning sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of druggists' labled glassware, decorated and embossed glass signs. Signed by John L. Dawes, President. Illustrates office building.). --
Letters from Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., Canada, dated May 22 - September 27, 1895, concerning purchase of a sand blast machine for lamp chimneys. (Manufacturers of flint glassware, ect.). --
Letters from Gill Brothers & Co., Ohio, dated April 2 and September 21, 1895, concerning sand blast machine. (Includes notice of payment dated October 21, 1895. Acme Flint Glass Works, lamp chimneys and silvered reflectors.). --
Letters from Franklin Flint Glass Works, Pennsylvania, dated September 22, 1899 and January 30, 1902, concerning sand blast machine and tubes. (Cut and blown glassware, opal & flint gas globes, plain & decorated shades. Illustrates factory buildings.). --
Letters from Fort Pitt Glass Works, Pennsylvania, dated April 27, 1892 - April 19, 1893, and January 3 - January 28, 1895. Letters concern the return of a sand blast machine, and the purchase of another machine for sandblasting lamp globes. (Dithridge & Co.; factory at Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Letterhead lists Pail Zimmerman and George W. Blair. Established 1827. Includes notices of payment dated April 5 and October 9, 1895.). --
Letters from Thomas Evans Co., Pennsylvania, dated July 6, 1893 and July 19, 1894, concerning sand blast machine. (Illustrates factory buildings and trade-mark. Manufacturers of lamp chimneys; lamps; hand lamps & founts; squat specie, ring & French jars; lantern globes; silvered reflectors; ect. Letters signed by Thos. Evans, Treasurer, and Charles H. Davies, Secretary.). --
Letter from William Drake, Pennsylvania, dated November 6, 1895, concerning possible purchase of steam blast by Georger Glass Co. of Buffalo, New York. --
Letter from George A. Macbeth Co., Pennsylvania, dated April 6, 1899, concerning cast iron tube for sand blast machine. (Pearl glass and pearl top lamp glasses. Illustrates a gaffer.). --
Letter from Jefferson Glass Co., Pennsylvania, dated February 4, 1893, concerning sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of art and cathedral glass. Letterhead stamped, "Beatty, Brady & Co., successors to..." Trade-mark: alligator.). --
Letter from Humphrey Glass Co., Ohio, dated February 6, 1893, concerning sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of lead blown tumblers, stem ware and novelties. Lists Francis Spearman, President, and C. M. Elliott, Secretary & Treasurer.). --
Letter from Julius Harbers, New York, addressed to Tilghman's Patent Sand Blast Co. Ltd., dated November 14, 1892, requesting information about Little Giant Bottle Maker. (Importer & manufacturer's agent; sole agent for Oldenburgische Glashütte, Oldenburg, Germany, beer bottles for export.).
Letters form L. Straus & Sons, New York, dated March 31 and April 4, 1900, concerning statement. (Importers & manufacturers of pottery & glassware.). --
Letters from E. P. Gleason Manufacturing Co., New York, dated February 2 - December 2, 1903 and September 5, 1895. Letters concern payment of royalties and ordering of goose necks, brass injectors and guns for dry sand blast machines. (Letterhead lists brass, iron, tin, glass; M. W. Gleason, manager of glass works in Brooklyn.). --
Letters from Marietta Glass Co., Indiana, dated April 5, 1898 - March 31, 1899, concerning sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of pure lead and best flint glass chimneys. Illustrates factory buildings. January 5, 1899, letterhead lists fine blown tumblers etched, engraved, sand blast, ect. March 7, 1899, letterhead lists crystal and colored rolled sheet glass, cathedral, ornamental figured glass, skylight glass. Factoires at Redkey & Gas City, Indiana.). --
Letter from H. P. Page & Co., Massachusetts, dated August 4, 1893, concerning sand blast machine. (Dealers in American window glass, plate glass; mfg. agents for rough and ribbed plate, rolled cathedral, colored, ground double and single enamel (plain and obscured) glass, bent glass, glass shades for clocks ect., colored glass signs and ornamental work by sand blast process. Illustrates the making of cylinder glass.). --
Letters from Pairpoint Mfg. Co., Massachusetts, dated October 12 and 19, 1898, concerning royalty on sand blast machine. (Includes statement of return of machine, September 9, 1898. Letterhead lists Gilbert Allen, Loum Snow and Clarence A. Cook, Receivers. Silverware, cut glass and decorated china; factorires, New Bedford, Massachusetts.). --
Letters from Star Glass Co., Pennsylvania, dated February 15 and 18, 1900, concerning sand blast machine. (Manufacturers of window glass. Letterhead lists E. A. Ferrin, President; H. Alex. Stoke, Vice-President; R. W. Kunz, Secretary & Treasurer; and August Boulanger, General Manager.).