[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons and to C. G. Atwater, and blueprint].

[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons and to C. G. Atwater, and blueprint].

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R. M. Atwater & Sons
26 items : ink on paper ; 8 x 13 - 36 x 23 cm
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Letter from Lamont Glass Co., New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, dated July 28, 1892. Letter concerns furnace construction. (Manufacturers of lamp chimneys, lantern globes, jars, bottles, ect. Lead glass a specialty. Includes Atwater's notes for reply.). --
Letter from Lamont Glass Co. dated February 16, 1893, ordering book on glassmaking. (Manufacturers of lamp chimneys, lantern globes, jars, bottles, ect.). --
Letter to C. G. Atwater from Herman Laub dated August 2, 1893, concerning promotion of a type of tank furnace. (Civil engineer.). --
Letter from Alex Laughlin & Co. dated December 11, 1891, concerning a catalogue. (Engineers and contractors; regenerative gas furnaces and artificial gas producers of every description for rolling mills, steel and tube works.). --
Postcard and letters from Otto Liesfeld dated May 25, 1893, concerning Liesfeld's new position in glass factory. (Attached translation of 2 letters.). --
Letters from Libbey Glass Co., dated May 9 - June 9, 1892, concerning ordering of technical book and glass cutting machine. (Illustrates trade mark. Letters written by J. D. Robinson, Secretary, and E. D. Libbey, Treasurer. Includes draft of letter from R. M. Atwater introducing Otto Liesfled, dated June 6, 1893. Manufacturers of finest quality cut glass.). --
Letters from C. F. Leng addressed to C. G. Atwater dated January 27, 1893, concerning his visit to a new factory site. (Includes Atwater's notes of reply.). --
Letter from Link-Belt Engineering Co. dated June 20, 1892, concerning Roller Flight Conveyor for handling of sand. (Accompanying blueprint. Includes Atwater's notes for reply.). --
Letters from James Lydiatt dated May 3, 6, and 10, 1892, concerning erection of a new glass factory. (Includes Atwater's notes for replies.). --
Letter from Charles Leng dated September 19, 1892, concerning rod lehr. (Manufacturer of iron work for flint and bottle lehrs, pot carriages and pot setting tools, blowers' pipes, tools, clamps, cranes, posts, and all iron work used in glass factories.). --
Letters from W. Limberg & Co. addressed to R. M. Atwater and R. M. Atwater & Sons dated August 13 and April 25, 1893, concerning bottles. (Includes updated draft of letter from R. M. Atwater & Sons, 2 W. Limberg & Co. envelopes, and an advertising circular illustrating Medicintropfläser mit Griffstöpsel and Standtropfgläser mit Deckelstöpsel.). --
Letter from Wm. G. Lincoln dated October 17, 1892, concerning religios matters. (Written on letterhead of H. K. Porter & Co., builders of light locomotives.).