[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons, Edward W. Atwater, and Christopher G. Atwater].

[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons, Edward W. Atwater, and Christopher G. Atwater].

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R. M. Atwater & Sons
68 items : ink on paper ; 10 x 16 - 35 x 17 cm
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Document 25:18.
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Letters are stained and some have ink bleeding.
Letters from N. U. Walker Clay Mfg. Co., dated July 4 and August 16, 1892, concerning flue linings. (Manufacturers of highly vitrified sewer pipe, terra cotta, fire brick, ornamental garden & lawn vases, architectural material, ect. Illustrates factory buildings. Includes price list.). --
Postcards and letters from Western Glass Works dated May 23 - June 8, 1892 and October 18, 1892, concerning manufacturing operations and the ordering of technical books. (Includes check dated October 6, 1892. Manufacturers of flint prescription ware and flasks. Letters written by Charles D. Shuldham. Works at Marion, Indiana; office in Chicago, Illinois.). --
Letter from T. G. Wheaton & Co., New Jersey, dated March 1, 1893, concerning patent pots. (Flint glass manufactures; screw cap tube vials, screw cap tablet bottles, all styles of glass syringes, chemical flasks and retorts, glass tubing and rod of all sizes, perfumers' and druggists' bottles.). --
Letter from Chas D. Whitall & Co., Minnesota, dated December 26, 1891. (Wholesale and retail booksellers and stationers; Whitall formerly associated with Whitall, Tatum & Co.). --
Letters from Whitall, Tatum & Co., New York, dated August 14, 1890 - May 12, 1892, addressed to R. M. Atwater and E. W. Atwater, concerning bank drafts and vouchers. (Includes R. M. Atwater's note for replies and E. W. Atwater's notes to Richard. 4 letters signed by James Whitall and one by Bond V. Thomas. Manufacturers of glassware & druggists sundries.). --
Letters from Norman White, dated July 26, and September 1, 1892, concerning German product Tectorium. (Includes Atwater's notes for reply.). --
Letters from Whitney Glass Works, New Jersey, dated January 19, May 12, and June 17, 1892, inciting Atwater to their Philadelphia office and ordering technical books and periodicals. (Letterhead lists offices in Boston, New York and Philadelphia; established 1775. Mentions Wm. Eliot Smith and Joshua Horne. 2 letters signed by J. P. Whitney.). --
Letters form Otto Nikolaus Witt, Germany, dated March 26 and August 29, 1891, concerning a school for glassmakers and Prof. Harper. --
Letter from Otto Nikolaus Witt, addressed to Chirstopher Atwater, dated September 17, 1893, requesting names of glass factories...visited, glass factoy in Pittsburgh Exposition, patent for kerosene lamps, and recipe of common white glass mixture. (Mentions Harper and Prof. Engler.). --
Letters from R. D. Wood & Co., dated February 24, 1892 - August 19, 1893, concerning Taylor gas producer and the ordering of a book. (Includes copies of letters from Robert Dralle dated February 24 and November 25, 1892; includes copies of letters from R. M. Atwater, Jr., dated August 9, 1892, and Wood's reply August 23. Letterhead lists gas holders and machinery, sugar house work, large loam castings, turbine wheels and pumps, cast iron pipe, fire hydrants, eddy valves, lamp posts, flange pipe. Foundries at Millville, Florence and Camden, New Jersey. Letters signed by Walter Wood, W. H. Blauvelt, and George T. Prince. Mentions Jones and Laughlin.). --
Letters from R. D. Wood & Sons, dated February 12 and March 8, 1892, concerning book and photograph illustrating Monier construction. (Manufacturers of cotton goods.). --
Letter from Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Ohio, dated March 23, 1892, concerning building of glass works at Fostoria, Ohio. (Metallic structures, highway bridges.). --
Letters from York Glass Co., Ltd., England, dated July 22, 1891 - December 7, 1892, concerning the building and subsequent unsatisfactory operation of a combination tank and pot furnace designed by Dralle and also methods of labeling bottles. (Includes copies of letters sent to Dralle and Nathan, November 9, 1891. Mentions Dralle's engineer Siegwaldt . Letters written by Malcolm Spence.).