[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].
R. M. Atwater & Sons.
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Some letters staining and ink bleeding.
Letter from Thorn and Hunkins Lime & Cement Co., dated March 2, 1893, concerning Acme Cement Plaster. (Importers, dealers, manufacturers and agents.). --
Letter from B. C. & R. A. Tilgham, concerning inquiry about sand blasting. (Patentees & sole manufacturers of improved sand blast machinery. Illustrates machinery.). --
Letters from Tilgham's Patent Sand Blast Co., Ltd., dated December 14 and 20, 1891, concerning sand blasting glass. (Written by J. E. Mathewson. Manufacturers of sand blast apparatus for sharpening & scouring files; cleaning castings; frosting, marking, preforating and decorating glass, stone, metal, ect.). --
Letters and telegrams from Toronto Chemical Smelting Co. Ltd., dated September 30 [1892] - June 17, 1893, concerning construction of a furnace and ordering of pots. (Includes copy of Atwater's statement sent January 27, 1893.). --
Letter from Ulrich & Spencer, dated October 22, 1892, sending shirts. (Hosiery and underwear, wholesale and retail.). --
Letter from United Glass Co., dated April 12, 1892, concerning Dralle furnace. (Manufacturers of window glass. Written by T. D. Catlin. Mentions Mr. Chambers.). --
Letters from United Glass Co., dated MAy 27 and June 15, 1892, ordering Die Glasfabrikation, by H. E. Beurath. (Includes Atwater's billhead for the book dated June 29, 1892. United Glass Co. works at Findlay, Ohio. Letter written by W. E. Arnold.). --
Letters from United States Glass Co., dated February 24 and September 30, 1892, concerning meeting and machine for cutting flutes. --
Letter from R. M. Atwater & Sons addressed to U. S. Glass Co., dated November 9, 1892, concerning specimen jars for the U.S. National Museum and requesting price quotation for the mould and the jars. --
Letters from United States Patent Office, dated July 18, 22 and October 8, 1892, concerning patent orders. (Gives patent numbers.). --
Postcard from M. S. Urbanus dated June 28, 1893, requesting description and prices of furnaces. --
Letters from Vandenbergh Laboratory of Chemical Industry, dated August 24 - December 31, 1892, concerning proposed glass works at Grand Dalles, Washington, and Engineering Magazine. (Chemical engineers, analytical and consulting chemists. Letters written by F. P. Vandenbergh. Refers to J. C. Baker of Interstates Investment Co., who originally wrote to Atwater about the proposed glass works. Includes Atwater's notes for replies.). --
Letter from Vanhorn, Griffen & Co., dated February 2, 1893, requesting cost of pyrometers for use in glass bending furnaces. (Importers of French window and picture glass, polished plate glass; manufacturers of French mirror plates and bent glass (factory, Newark, New Jersey); embossed, enamled and colored glass; English picture glass. C. G. Atwater's note for reply says firm referred to Edward Brown.). --
Letter from Vienna Enamel & Stamping Co., dated March 5, 1892, concerning establishment of Vienna Enamel & Stamping Co. (Includes 2 page description of the compnay. Written by Max Koelling, founder.