[Letters from and addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters from and addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].
R. M. Atwater & Sons.
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Some letters have staining and ink bleeding.
Letters from William M. Manks dated March 7 and March 15, 1892, concerning compilation of list of blowers, average day's work on...bottles...from 1840 to 1891. (Includes a table with notes of 2 years.). --
Letter from William M. Manks dated August 13, 1892, concerning rumor that Whitall, Tatum & Co. would build a continuous tank furnace. --
Letter from M'kee & Brothers dated July 5, 1892. (Flint glass manufacturers; works at Jeannette City, Pennsylvania. Letterhead lists H. Sellers M'kee, A. Hart M'kee, and Thomas H. M'kee.). --
Letter from L. C. McCutcheon dated April 27, 1892, offering stenographic services. --
Letter from Wm. McCully & Co. dated March 9, 1892, inviting Atwater to call. (Glass manufacturers. Letterhead lists M. W. Watson, J. McM. King, J. W. Scully and Wm. C. Silley. Established 1830.). --
Letter from Millville Manufacturing Co. dated March 21, 1892, concerning payment of dividends by Millville Water Co. (Written by W. D. Kemble.). --
Letter from Alfred M. Mayer dated February 21, 1893, concerning manufacture of optical glass. (Written on stationery of Stevens Institute of Technology.). --
Letters from Mason Fruit Jar Co. dated March 4, April 8, and August 22, 1892, concerning glass melting tank. (Includes Atwater's notes for replies.). --
Letters from Maring, Hart & Co. dated February 23 and June 6, 1892, concerning furnace construction and batch mixer. (Manufacturers of window glass, flint bottles and flasks. Bottle factories: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dunkirk, Indiana, and Middletown, Indiana. Window glass factorires: Muncie, Indiana. Letterhead lists J. M. Maring, T. F. Hart and G. W. Maring. (Includes Atwater's notes for reply.). --
Letter from Manufacturers' Accident Indemnity Co., Geneva, New York, dated February 15, 1893, concerning insurance. --
Letters from More-Jonas Glass Co. dated April 13, 16, and 20, 1892, concerning batch composition and pot furnace. (Manufacturers of green and amber bottle ware and window glass; established 1882. Letterhead lists Robert More Jr., President; George Jonas, Treasurer; and Richard M. More, Secretary. Letters written by Jonas. (Includes Atwater's notes for replies and suggested changes in batch composition.). --
Letters from Moore Brothers Glass Co. dated April 7 and 11, 1893. --
Letter from R. M. Atwater & Sons addressed to Mt. Washington Glass Works, Bedford, Massachusetts, dated January 5, 1892, concerning subscription to Pottery Gazette. (Recuperative gas tank furnaces; fire proof factory construction; batch storage, grinding and mixing; natural mineral fluxes and colors; open pot flint glass melting; furnace temperature determination; portable annealing kilns; mechanical labor substitutes; handling of approved glass patents; chemical analysis of materials; glass, gas, ect.; standard glass publications; counsel for improved product. Note from Andrew Snow, Jr., on verso.). --
Letterhead for Mt. Washington Glass Co. (Lists Thos. A. Tripp, President, and A. Snow, Jr., Treasurer. Pasted onto letterhead is news clipping about Wm. Leader's English patent for making glass by acid-stencils.). --
Letters from Mt. Washington Glass Co. dated September 26 and October 3, 1892, and March 7, 1893, ordering technical book and patents. (2 letters signed by Snow. Illustrates medal awarded by U. S. Centennial Commision for superiority of crystal chandeliers, rich cut and fine opal goods. --
Letter from National Tube Works Co. dated July 15, 1892, concerning price of wrought iron pipe for a glass furnace. --
Letters from Nelson Glass Co., Muncie, Indiana, dated December 14 - February 2, 1893, concerning possibility of constructing a continuous tank furnace. (Manufacturers of saftey fruit jars, bottles, ect. Letterhead lists C. N. Wilcoxon, President; Geroge F. McCulloch, Vice-president; and A. E. Smith, Secretary. Letters written by Wilcoxon. Includes C. G. Atwater's notes. --
Letter from Asa G. Neville Glass Co. dated February 17, 1893, concerning patent flint glass melting pots. (Illustrates factory buildings, lamps, decanter and battery jar. Letterhead lists Thomas Maher, President; Asa G. Neville, General Manager; T. W. McQuaide, Secretary; and Samuel Ray, Treasurer. Manufacturers of gas, electric light and kerosene globes and shades, battery jars, packers goods, stationers supplies, lamps, fount & novelties, pressed and blown glassware.). --
Letters from J. P. Newkirk addressed to Richard Atwater, dated April 25 - June 6, 1892, concerning Allison-Obear Glass Co., composition of glass, and Newkirk's search for employment. (Letter dated April 25, 1892 is written on letterhead of Allison-Obear Glass Co., St. Louis, Missouri, manufacturers of druggists' glassware and bottles of every description. Works at East St. Louis, Illinois. Letterhead lists W. F. Obear, President; J. W. Allison, Vice-president and Manager; T. S. Obear, Secretary & Treasurer. Illustrates bottles.). --
Postcard from W. S. Normine dated March 23, 1893, requesting catalog of publications. --
Letters from Obear Glass Works dated June 6 and June 20, 1892, concerning subscription to a German technical journal. (Letters written by Chas. Bauman, Manager.). --
Owen Bros. advertising circular for works for the manufacturing of moulds for glass of every description, [1890's]. (Isaac A. Owen, Jr., and Joshua P. Owen, formerly of Whitall, Tatum & Co.'s Mould Shop.). --
Letter from George A. Macbeth dated July 19, 1892, concerning A. E. Finkell. (Office of Keystone Flint Glass Works and Pittsburgh Lead Glass Works.). --
Letter and telegram from B. N. McCoy Glass Co. dated June 20 and June 23, 1892, concerning window glass lehr. (Manufacturers of window glass; sheet, single and double thick. Written by H. H. Clayson, Secretary.).