[Letters and billheads concerning R. Gleason & Sons, dated 1840-1870].

[Letters and billheads concerning R. Gleason & Sons, dated 1840-1870].
R. Gleason & Sons.
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Letters have staining and ink bleeding.
Letter from Brooklyn Flint Glass Co., dated July 13, 1844, concerning prices of castor frames, tea and coffee sets. (Signed by Peter Morton.). --
Envelope from Brooklyn Green Glass Works addressed to R. Gleason & Sons. (Hagerty Brothers & Co., druggists' glassware. Illustrates factory buidlings.). --
Letter from John Conlon, dated May 10, 1853, ordering plated cordials stands, cordial glasses, flower stands. --
Letter from Robertson Curling & Co., dated May 29, 1846, concerning shipment of goods. (Mentions New England Glass Co.). --
Letters from Curling Robertson & Co., dated June 8 and October 14, 1854, concerning castor frames. (Manufacturers of cut, pressed and plain flint glassware. Illustrates company building labeled "Fort Pitt Glassware."). --
Letters from A. Douglas, Jr, dated January 14, 19, and February 14, 1854, concerning castor bottles and liquor stand. (Mentions New England Glass Co.). --
Billhead from R. Gleason & Sons. (Manufacturers and wholesale dealers in silver plated and Britannia goods, comprising tea sets, urns, castors, wine stands, cake baskets, candlesticks, egg boilers, ect. Illustrates epergne.). --
Billhead of Britt. and brass ware consigned to New England Glass Co., dated January 1, 1848. (Lists castor frames, coffee and tea sets, knife trays, lamps.). --
Letters from John L. Hobbs addressed to Roswell Gleason, ordering Britannia lens lamps. Letters dated December 29, 1840 and October 29, 1844. --
Billhead from Deming, Jarves for lamps, tumblers, dated October 29, 1842. --
Letters from Deming Jarves dated January 16 and May 23, 1844, concerning castor frames, mugs, candlesticks. (Includes one undated letter. Letters signed by Henry Cormerais and John D. Labree for Jarves. Cf. Kenneth M. Wilson, "New England Glass and Glassmaking."). --
Billheads from Kern & Welch, for cut pickle jars, ruby edge nappies, celeries, vinegars, peppers, mustards, bottles, dated October 4, 1867; July 23, 1868; January 1 and February 24, 1869. (Glass cutters and egravers; manufacturers and dealers in gas shades, kerosene globes, fine tableware, apothecaries' and chemists' ware, ect.). --
Billhead from F. Kern & M. L. for cut bottles, dated June 17, 1867. (Glass cutters and engravers.). --
Letter from Jacob Lindley ordering Britannia creamers, ladles and hand lamps to be packaged with New England Glass Co. goods, dated February 9, 1854. --
Letter from John Mulholland concerning Britannia metal cruet frames, dated July 4, 1854. (Mentions payment to New England Glass Co.) --
Billhead from New England Glass Co. for cut vinagars, peppers, mustards, dated October 9, 1858. --
Billheads from New England Glass Co. for merchandise, dated August 1, 1864 - August 31, 1869. (Signed by J. N. Howe, Henry Whitney, T. G. Boughton, and A. T. Hall.) --
Receipt from Roswell Gleason to New England Glass Co. for 300 dollars, dated January 18, 1870. (Written by Andrew T. Hall, Treasurer.). --
Letter from S. B. Shearer addressed to Thomas Cains asking him to deliver Mr. Roswell Gleason 100 dollars in glassware, dated June 24, 1848. (Note on reverse signed by W. Sowdon.).