[Letters and correspondence addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters and correspondence addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

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R. M. Atwater & Sons.
83 items : ink on paper ; 19 x 12 - 28 x 22 cm
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Document 25:16.
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Letters have ink bleeding and some staining.
Letters from St. Gobain, Chauny et Cirey, dated July 20 and 23, 1892, concerning patent of G. A. Marsh, Jr., of Sandusky, Ohio, dated June 21, 1892. (Letters from Edouard Petit, Agent; General Agency for the French Plate Glass Companies of St. Gobain, Chauny et Cirey, established October, 1665. --
Letters from Saltsburg Bottle Works Co., Ltd., dated March 19, 1892 and February 8, 1893. (Includes billhead for Atwater's services dated October 17, 1892. Manufacturers of fine prescriptions ware and flint glass bottles. March 19 letterhead lists office in Pittsburgh; February 8 letter lists factories in Saltsburg and Avonmore, Pennsylvania.). --
Letter from George H. Schlosstein, dated March 23, 1892, requesting specifications of patent issued to John A. Lubbers of Jeannette, Pennsylvania. --
Letter from R. C. Schmertz & Co., Ltd., addressed to Christopher Atwater, dated September 20, 1894. Letter concerns articles for Joseph Weeks and Sinton's employment. (Manufacturers of window glass. Letter written by Robert Sinton, apparently the son of the general manager.). --
Letter from Joseph Sheets dated June 13, 1892, requesting catalog and price list. (Picture frame and glass business.). --
Letters from G. W. Sheldon & Co., dated April 15 - September 10, 1892, concerning shipment of fire bricks and packages iron. (Custom house brokers and forwarding agents. Includes billheads to Illinois Glass Co., Alton, Illinois, dated August 26 and September 1, 1892, for duties, freight, storage. Bricks presumably those ordered from Stettiner Chamotte Fabrik Aktien-Gesellschaft; for related material, see microfilm R-60, p. 836 ff.). --
Letters from Porter W. Shimer dated December 8, 1891 - October 11, 1892, concerning the manufacture of glass tubes for laboratory process patented by Shimer and the possibility of securing overseas patents. (Chemical laboratory. Includes drawing of tube.). Letter from J. H. Shoolery, dated March 14, 1892, requesting payment for photographs and negatives. (Photographer.). --
Letter from C. A. Sigelen & Co. dated November 19, 1892, requesting sample copies of Sprech Saal. (Glass manufacturers.). --
Letter from Raimund Sim, dated April 2, 1893, introducing himself as a furnace engineer. --
Letter from Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., dated October 22, 1892, concerning manufacture of specimen jars for museum use. (Written by James E. Benedict, Assistant Curator, Dept. of Marine Invertebrates, United States National Museum. Includes Atwater's notes for reply.). --
Letters from Solvay Process Co., dated July 4, 1892 - June 3, 1893, concerning business negotiations with John B. Ford and the purchase of a Stedman disintegrator. (Manufacturers of soda, caustic, carbonates and crystals. Letterhead illustrates trade mark and lists W. B. Cogswell, General Manager, and F. R. Hazard, Treasurer. Letters written by Rowland Hazard except for October 11, 1892, letters written by Thomas Morris. Includes R. M. Atwater's draft of a letter to Hazard dated June 29, 1892. Includes September 14, 1892, note to Mr. Chace. Includes 3 telegrams. Mentions Doolittle patents.). --
Letter and postcards from Spon & Chamberlain dated February 25, [1892] - May 25, 1893, concerning book and periodical orders. (Publishers and importers of scientific books.). --
Letter from A. Staub dated October 4, 1892. (Mentions Muller, Luchsinger et Cie.). --
Letters from Stedman's Foundry and Machine Works, Aurora, Indiana, dated October 15 - October 26, 1892, concerning coal disintegrator for Solvay Process Co. (Builders of engines and general machinery; Nathan Stedman, proprietor: established 1834. Illustrates factory buildings.). --
Letter from Steel & Iron Improvement Co., dated March 31, 1892, concerning magnesite and sale of products of Carl Spaeter. --
Letter from Stevens Institute of Technology, dated March 9, 1892, concerning books belonging to Atwater's son. (Written by A. Riesenberger.). --
Postcard from Stevens Institute of Technology addressed to C. G. Atwater, dated January 28, 1893, requesting information for annual catalogue. (Written by A. Riesenberger.). --
Letter from Stewart & Mattson Manufacturing Co. dated July 20, 1893, requesting bottle machine patents. (Manufacturer's railroad-car trimmings, general brass shipwork, etc.; metal spinners and brass founders, etc. Written by W. H. Mattson.). --
Letters from Stralauer Flaschen-Fabrik, Stralau-Berlin, Germany, dated January 13, 1891 and November 17, 1892. (Later letter written by Edmund Nathan concerning composition of red and amber glass. Evert & Neumann, Commandit-Gesellschaft.). --
Letters from F. M. Strong dated May 8 and June 26, 1893, concerning machinery for the finishing of bottles. --
Letter from B. F. Sturtevant Co., Boston, Massachusetts, dated March 10, 1892, concerning blowers. (Patentees and sole manufacturers of the Sturtevant blowers, exhaust fans, steam hot blast apparatus, steam engines, portable forges. Illustrates factory buildings. Names Sturtevant Blower Co., London, and Biernatzki & Co., Hamburg, as European sources of their machinery.). --
Letter from Syracuse Glass Co., addressed to Fox and Fox, dated May 30, 1892, concerning George and Shortle lehr. (Manufacturers of window glass; established 1863. Illustrates factory buildings. Letter received by Atwater July 11, 1892.). --
Letter and postcard from Schott & Gen., dated March 2 and September 1, 1891, concerning revolving glass furnace. (Glastechnisches Laboratorium.). --
Letters from H. Schulze-Berge dated May 20 and May 24, 1893, concerning terms for licensing machine for reheating and finishing glassware. --
Letters from L. Schutte & Co., dated June 9 and June 13, 1892, concerning blowers. (Engineers and machinists; sole licensees and manufacturers of E. Korting's patent universal steam jets; contractors for hydraulic and special machinery.).