[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].
R. M. Atwater & Sons
38 items : ink on paper ; 10 x 21 - 23 x 29 cm
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Some letters have ink bleeding and staining.
Letters addressed to C. G. Atwater from Iron and Steel Institute, London, England dated June 3 and July 7, 1893, concerning purchase of copy of the Special American Volume of the Institute. (Written by Bennett H. Brough, Secretary). --
Letter from Jenkins & Reynolds Co. dated March 6, 1893, concerning forwarding of their inquiry to Portsmouth Fire Brick Co. (Successor to Reuben Jenkins, high-grade fire brick and fire clay). --
Letter from George A. Johnson dated June 8, 1892, concerning book purchase. --
Letter from Byron E. Huntley, dated August 8, 1891. (Huntley was president of Johnston Harvester Co., Batavia, New York, which had a European office in London. Letter written on stationery of South Place Hotel). --
Telegram from Edward Weaver Atwater addressed to R. M. Atwater, dated July 6, 1892. --
Letter from Johnston Harvester Co. dated August 15, 1892, concerning check for $1000.00. (Letter written by E. W. Atwater, Richard Atwater's brother, who was treasurer of the firm. Letterhead illustrates factory buildings and lists Byron E. Huntley as president). --
Letters from Kay, Totten & Cooke dated June 16, 1892 - June 15, 1893, concerning applications for patents for glass furnaces and for method and apparatus for compounding glass batch. (Solicitors of patents; letterhead lists James I. Kay, Robert D. Totten, and James N. Cooke). --
Letter from Kuhn, Loeb & Co. dated September 7, 1892, concerning announcement of Ethelwyn Atwater's engagement and Mayer & Mueller, booksellers. (Written by James Loeb). --
Letter from Kearns-Gorsuch Glass Co. dated October 8, 1892, requesting information about erection of tank furnaces for making green glass for bottles. (Manufacturers of flint, green & amber bottles, fruit jars, pickle jars, flasks, ect. Includes Atwater's notes for reply). Letters from Kuhn, Loeb & Co. dated March 24 - August 17, 1892, concerning transfer of funds to Atwater's family in Germany. (Includes telegram dated July 11, 1892. Includes 6 duplicate commercial drafts, J. Dreyfus & Co., Berlin, and 7 receipts for checks sent by Atwater to Kuhn, Loeb & Co.).