[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].
R. M. Atwater & Sons
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Letter from Hagerty Glass Works dated April 6, 1892, requesting information about portable annealing ovens. (A. J. Hagerty & Co., glass manufacturers. Letter written by F. S. Tomlin, Manager. Illustrates factory buildings). --
Letter from William Beverly Harison dated May 19, 1894, giving description of board in school museum Berlin. --
Letter from William Beverly Harison dated April 28, 1894, concerning glass school boards. --
Letters and telegram from William R. Harper dated September 1, 9, and [23], 1891, concerning purchase of Calvary Library. (Mentions Prof. Reuleaux and Dr. Witt). --
Letter from R. M. Atwater addressed to Prof. Harper dated October 11, 1891, concerning professional qualifications of Prof. Witt, industrial chemist working with aniline dyes, and recommending him for a U. S. university position and as expert counsel for Standard Oil Co. --
Letter from William R. Harper dated April 5, 1892, concerning Prof. Witt. (President of the University of Chicago). --
Letters from Hartford City Glass Co. dated February 19 - May 16, 1892, concerning plant and furnace construction, batch mixers, lehrs, and suit brought against Hartford City Glass Co. by Dixon-Woods Co. (Manufacturers of window glass; continuous melting regenerative process; natural gas used for fuel. Letters written by R. Heagany. Mentions Mr. Chambers). --
Letter from Hauser, Brenner & Fath Co. dated October 6, 1892, concerning prices of tanks and vats. (Steam tub and cooperage works; manufacturers of wine & beer casks, stills, vats, fermenting tubs, barrels, half barrels, kegs. Illustrates barrel). --
Letters from Humphrey & Hinckley dated March 21 and March 23, 1892, concerning the purchase of a Williams typewriter. (Illustrates typewriter). --
Letter from Heye dated July 30, 189-, requesting sketches of equipment from Atwater. --
Letter from Clarence M. Hollingsworth addressed to Joseph D. Weeks, editor of American Manufacturer and Iron world, dated May 11, 1892, and concerning nature of different clays and how they are worked up. (Hollingsworth employed in Hartford City Glass Co.'s clay room). --
Letters and telegrams from Edward C. Holden dated February 9 - September 23, 1892, concerning Dralle furnace, window glass lehrs and refractory materials. (Fire clay mines and works, glass house furnaces and tanks, pot & bench clay & shell. Discusses several types of lehrs. Names several glass companies for whom Holden has built furnaces and provided refractory materials. Includes Atwater's notes for replies). --
Letter from Howard Plate Glass Co. dated March 5, 1892, declining professional services. (Manufacturers of rough and polished plate glass). --
Letters from Joshua Horne dated Jule 3, 1891 - July 19, 1892, concerning furnace construction, machinery and lehrs for bottle manufacture, and conversations with Mr. Whitney and Mr. Ripley. (Includes 3 letters on stationery of Joshua Horne, engineer & valver, established 1856, July 3 and July 6, 1891, and May 6, 1892; letter written from London, July 9, 1891; letter written on stationery of Cunard Royal Mail Steamship "Umbria" October 4, 1891; letter written on letterhead of American Bottle Co., Woodbury, New Jersey, October 23, 1891; letter written on letterhead of Ashley's Patent Bottle Co. Ltd., Albion Glass Works, Castleford, England, November 19, 1891; and 2 letters written on letterhead of Providence Iron Works, Castleford, England, June 27 and July 19, 1892. Letters mention Mr. J. A. Chambers, Mr. Nathan, MR. Heye, Mr. Dobson, Dralle & Breffit. Mentions Arbogast patent machine. Drawing of a bottle lehr in letter dated June 27, 1892.