[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters and telegrams addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

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R. M. Atwater & Sons.
20 items : ink on paper ; 7 x 11 - 28 x 22 cm.
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Document 25:15.
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Letter from Queen Insurance Co. dated September 29, 1893, concerning leases and a meeting. (Mentions Mr. Krouse.). --
Form letter from Railway News dated February 25, 1893. (Raymond L. Donnell, Editor; established 1893. Illustrates original title page.). --
Letter from Railway Printing Co. dated March 6, 1893, concerning imitation typewriter process. (Includes sample and price list.). --
Letters from Redaction des Sprechsaal, Corburg, Germany, dated August 10 and 24, 1891, concerning books and periodicals ordered by Atwater. (Verlag von Müller & Schmidt. Mentions S. Calvary & Co.). --
Letter from G. F. Redfern & Co., London, England, dated June 25, 1892, concerning purchase of patents. (General patent office.). --
Letters from G. F. Redfern & Co. dated April 14 - May 30, 1892, concerning patents, particularly for grinding and polishing plate glass. (General patent office, established 1830; English, foreign and colonial patents secured; trade marks & designs registered at home and abroad. G. F. Redfern & J. E. Bousfield. Mentions Malavez and Pilkingtons.). --
Letters from Renovo Fire Brick and Clay Co., Ltd., dated October 22 and 25, 1892, concerning properties of Renovo fire clay. (Includes card giving the density of Renovo fire clay compared with German and the "Christy" Missouri clay and an analysis of Renovo fire clay. Letters written by Henry B. Davis.). --
Notice to Illinois Glass Co., from Eugen Rüdenburg dated September 10, 1892, concerning shipment of iron machine parts. (Königlich Schwedischer und Norwegischer Hof-Spediteur; Speditions- und Commissions- Geschät. Includes card of C. Funke, U. S. agent.). --
Telegrams from C. Gordon Richardson dated August 5 and August 25, 1892, requesting a meeting. --
Letter from Dr. Rieth dated August 8, 1891.