[Letters, telegram, and billhead addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons ].

[Letters, telegram, and billhead addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons ].
R. M. Atwater & Sons.
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Telegram and letters from Roger S. Pease Glass Co. dated September 22 and September 30, 1892, concerning revolving drum. (Letters written by Roger S. Pease; one letter on letterhead of Dodge & Sons, solcitors of patents; the other on letterhead of Roger S. Pease Glass Co.). --
Letter from Pennie & Goldsborough, Washington, D. C., dated April 22, 1892, concerning Knight Bros' address and patent search work. (Attorneys at law and solicitors of American and foreign patents; John C. Pennie and John A. Goldsborough.). --
Billhead from Pennsylvania Railroad Co. dated July 3, 1893, for shipment of one case of machinery. --
Letter from Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. dated March 31, 1892. (Written by John E. Hurford. Manufacturing chemists and importers of kryolith.). --
Letter from Pennsylvania Steel Co. dated August 24, 1892, concerning a pamphlet. (Signed by H. H. Campbell.) --
Letters from Philadelphia Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. dated July 18, September 16, and October 11, 1892, concerning the insuring of glass factories. (Written by Stephen Minot Pitman, Secretary.). --
Letter from Pittburgh City Glass Works dated March 12, 1892, inviting a member of the firm to call. (Cunninghams & Co., Ltd.). --
Letter from Pittsburgh Reduction Co. dated October 17, 1892, concerning sample. (Manufacturers of pure aluminum. Letterhead lists officers of the firm. Letter signed by Alfred E. Hunt, President.). --
Letter from Charles E. Pope & Co. dated March 4, 1892, concerning prices of fire brick. (General sales agents, Savage Fire Brick Co. ; J. J. Hoblitzell, President, and J. W. Porter, Secretary & Treasurer.). --
Letter from Portland Transcript dated October 10, 1892, concerning a letter of Whittier's. (Written by S. T. Pickard, Editor.). --
Letters from Pottery Gazette, addressed to Christopher Green Atwater, dated May 6 and May 24, 1892, concerning advertisement and subscription. (The organ of the china and glass trades; Smith, Greenwood & Co.). --
Letter from Premier Cycle Co. dated June 27, 1893, concerning Helical Tube Premiers. --
Letters from Pottery and Glassware Reporter, dated April 20 - March 10, 1893, concerning Atwater's articles for publication, the American bottle and window glass industry, and the ordering of a book for Andrew Snow, Jr. (4 letters written by F. M. Gessner; 2 by George E. Williams, Proprietor. Includes form for the placement of an advertisement in the periodical. Mentions Joseph Hamilton, President of the Western Flint Bottle Association; William B. Griner; and patents of August Weyer controlled by John King of Feuchtwanger & Co.).