[Letters, telegrams, postcards, and billheads from addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

[Letters, telegrams, postcards, and billheads from addressed to R. M. Atwater & Sons].

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R . M. Atwater & Sons
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Letters from Central City Window Glass Co. dated May 20 and 30, 1892, concerning sheet glass making by a plunger system and capacity of writer's factory. (Refers to Wittich. Includes notes for reply). --
Letter from Centrallblatt für Glas-Industrie und Keramik, Vienna, Austria dated January 1, 1893, concerning subscription for 1893. --
Letter from Chambers & McKee Glass Co. date March 9, 1892. (Manufacturers of window glass; successors to A. & D. H. Chambers, Pittsburgh Glass Works, established 1843). --
Letter from Chamers Glass Co. dated March 1, 1893, notifying of change of address. (Signed by Henry B. Patton, Secretary). --
Billhead to Chambers Glass Co. from R. M. Atwater & Sons dated March 1, 1892, for professtional services on design for batch mixing plant. (Accompanying note of payment from Chambers Glass Co., dated March 22, 1892). --
Letter from James A. Chambers dated May [189-], concerning endorsement of Atwater's funeral. --
Letter and postcard from Charleroi Plate Glass Co. dated March 8 and May 23, 1892, concerning bids on fifth 20-pot furnace. --
Letters from Chess Brothers dated June 14, 1892 - March 18, 1893, concerning John B. Ford, the building of Koch Pavilion Hospital, and Monier exhibit at Boston Institute of Technology. (Chess Brothers, successors to Chess, Cook & Co., manufacturers of soft steel stamping and tack plates, expanded metal fencing and lathing. One letterhead for Central Expanded Metal Co. Letters written by H. B. Chess). --
Letter from Chicago Biycylce Co. dated August 15, 1892, concerning Densmore typewriter. (Written by John S. Atwater, cousin of Richard). --
Letters and telegram from Christy Fire Clay Co. dated March 17, 1892 - March 16, 1893, concerning blocks for the Dralle tank for Illinois Glass Co. (Fire clays, raw, burnt and ground for glass house pots, crucibles and retorts; tank furnace blocks and pot furnace stone. Illustrates factory buildings. Letters written by Clements and French. Includes Atwater's notes for replies). --
Letters from Aug. T. Chur dated March 21 - September 13, 1892, concerning bricks for glass furnaces. (Sole agent for Welsh "Abernant" Dinas fire bricks and cement. Includes four copies of diagram of brick shapes; advertisement for caps for glass furnaces clipped from Pottery and Glassware Reporter; and Atwater's notes for replies. Refers to Illinois Glass Co.). --
Letters from Prescott O. Clarke dated March 27 and May 8, 1892, concerning Monier system. (Mentions Prof. Chandler at Tech.). --
Letters and telegrams from Colorado City Glass Co. dated May 15, 1892 - May 12, 1893, concerning furnace construction and green glass. (Manufacturers of fruit jars and bottles; lettered ware a specialty. Letters written by O. C. Townsend, Manager. Includes Atwater's notes for replies). --
Telegram from Colorado City Glass Co. dated February 11, 1893, requesting Dralle's mix for making amber glass from rock batch. (Telegram sent by O. C. Townsend, Manager. Includes Atwater's reply telegram giving batch compostion). --
Billhead and telegrams to Colorado City Glass Co. from R. M. Atwater & Sons dated May 16, 1893. (Telegram concerns Dralle's estimate for furnace construction. Includes partially completed reciept, dated May 20, 1893. Letterhead for glass engineers lists: recuperative gas tank furnaces; fire proof factory construction; batch storage, grinding and mixing; natural mineral fluzes and colors; open pot flint glass melting; furnace temperature determination; portable annealing kilns; mechanical labor substitutes; handling of approved glass patents; chemical analysis of materials, glass, gas, ect; standard glass publications; counsel for improved product.). --
Letters from Commoner and Glassworker dated March2, 6, and April 21, 1892. (Letterhead states, "The only paper published that reaches manufacturers' agents, dealers and supply people in all branches of flint, window, plates and green glass trades." Letters written by J. J. Martin). --
Letter from Connecticut Pipe Manufacturing Co. dated August 6, 1892, answering Atwater's inquiry about pipes. (Letterhead illustrates a pipe and lists officers of the firm. Letter written by George O. Richards, Secretary). --
Cream City Glass Co., scrap of paper bearing printed name and address of glass company. ("A. P. Ayling, manager" written on scrap; pasted to larger sheet of paper). --
Letter and postcard from Crescent Glass Co. dated August 26 and 30, 1892, ordering the book Die Glasfabrikation. (Maufacturers of table glassware). --
Letters and postcard from Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co. dated March 9, 1892 - March 27, 1893, concerning construction of a tank furnace. (Manufacturers of bottles, fruit and battery jars. Refers to furnace being constructed for Illinois Glass Co. Includes Atwater's notes for reply). --
Letter from D. O. Cunningham dated March 10, 1892, concerning O. C. Townsend. (Manufacturer of window glass, bottles, and fruit jars; Pittsburgh City and Jane St. factories; established 1849).