[Letters written to Yockle from companies with initial C].

[Letters written to Yockle from companies with initial C].

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Yockel, Charles.
108 items : colored ; 9 x 14 - 28 - 22 cm
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Document 8:5.
Letters include: California Glass Co., January - March 1896; Carolina Glass Co., South Carolina November 1907 (postcard), May 1908 (postcard); Carr-Lowery Glass Co., Ohio, July-August, October (xerox) 1889, May, June (xerox)-August 1891; Chapman & Rodgers Pennsylvania, January 1896; Dr. Chidester, Ohio, April 1891; Clack Bros. Lamp, Brass & Copper Co., New Jersey, May-June 1889, November (xerox) 1890, MAy 1891; Clarke Mfg. Co., New York, January 1896; Climax Stopper & Bottle Co., New York, July-August 1889, April-May, August 1891; Clyde Glass Works, New York, April-May 1891, January- March 1896, January 1912; Cohansey Glass Mfg. Co., Pennsylvania, August 1879, February- April 1896, May 1906 (postcard); Colorado Glass Works, Colorado, Fedbruary (xerox) 1887; Columbia Glass Co., Ohio, December (xerox) 1886; Co-operative Glass Mfg., Ohio, December (xerox) 1886; Coshocton Glass Co., Ohio, May (xerox) 1903, November 1908; Cowpland & Taylor, New York, November 1881; Crystal Glass Mfg. Co., New Jersey, March (xerox) 1887; Crystal Glass waorks, Ohio, January (xerox)1878, (xerox) 1880, October (xerox) 1886, February 1881; Cunningham Supply Co., Pennsylvania, January 1896 (postcard).
In digitization queue as of September 30, 2015.
Letters have staining and ink bleeding.
Some items have pieces cut out.