Library management tips that work / Carol Smallwood, editor.

Library management tips that work / Carol Smallwood, editor.

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Chicago : American Library Association, 2011.
xv, 190 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Smallwood, Carol, 1939-
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Weeding as affective response, or "I just can't throw this out!" / by Barbara Fiehn and Roxanne Myers Spencer --
Facebook for student assistants / by Susan Jennings and Ken Johnson --
Improving communication with blogs / by Alice B. Ruleman --
Improving productivity with Google apps / by Suzann Holland --
Partnering with information technology at the reference desk : a model for success / by Jeffrey A. Franks --
Putting missing pieces from the collection together with SharePoint / by Lorette S. J. Weldon --
Real-life management using virtual tools / by Vera Gubnitskaia --
Session control software for community users in an academic library / by Jeffrey A. Franks --
To friend or not to friend : the Facebook question / by Kim Becnel --
Why a wiki? How wikis help get work done / by Alice B. Ruleman --
Millennials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and boomers, oh my! Managing multiple generations in the library / by Colleen S. Harris --
Hiring and training graduate assistants for the academic library / by Erin O'Toole --
Managing for emergencies : what to do before, during, and after disaster strikes / by Sian Brannon and Kimberly Wells --
Managing librarians and staff with young children / by Holly Flynn --
Mentoring graduate assistants in the academic library / by Erin O'Toole --
New employee orientation / by Bradley Tolppanen and Janice Derr --
Discrimination in employment : an overview for library managers / by Michael A. Germano --
Obtaining compliance from underperforming employees : talking it through / by Terry Ann Lawler --
Planning for change : ensuring staff commitment / by Jason Kuhl --
Shadow and learn : knowing your staff / by Robin Shader --
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Portraits in a small town : balancing access and privacy with a local history photography collection / by John Helling --
Using numbers to make your case / by James B. Casey --
Staying in the game : public relations on a shoestring / by Lynn Hawkins.
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ALA guides for the busy librarian.
ALA guides for the busy librarian